Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catch is De-Thunderdoming

Entry: seven hundred sixty-eight.

As of perhaps a week ago, AAA took 77S- over from the Red Alliance and its renters. A few days after that, AAA began moving their base of operations from LGK- to 77S-, no doubt with the intention of persuing this war of revenge against a main DRF entity when there was a DRF.

Firesales went up in LGK-. Some corpmates picked up some nice ships at discounted rates. I picked up an AHAC Munnin on the cheap in that way also. Just as I went to buy said Munnin, there was an alliance. I missed the introductory portion, but the main point was repeated several times, even in the scant five minutes I was in the meeting.

Cascade Imminent will be moving back to Querious within a week. We will spend approximately two weeks building up the war chests on personal and corporate levels. After that time period, Cascade Imminent will deploy to some new warzone that has yet to be specified. Catch is de-thunderdoming in that sense. Fewer pilots will around to engage in any sort of combat.

My ISK is on somewhere out by AAA, as Delve is about as dead as it gets right now, and the north is a fair distance away only to end up blapped by Titans.

I have a bone to pick about our so called deployments, however. By and large, we never seem to really go anywhere far from Querious.  Even Stain is relatively close by, a mere fourteen or so jumps. Delve was even closer. That one time we deployed home was just retarded, they should have said "We're defending our space", not "We're deploying to 49-U." If we're going to deploy, we should actually deploy, instead of just getting out of the parking lot.

On our two week break, I'll be looking into booster production. Most of the boosters will be for corp/personal use, but it may end up spiralling into running my own little cartel. That would be interesting. Implementing this will take some time however, as I need to train up Drug Manufacturing as well as the skills that allow a person to use boosters without completely crippling himself.
Computer: terminate recording.

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