Thursday, February 23, 2012

Political Deployment to Curse

Entry: seven hundred seventy-six.

It's known enough at this point that I don't mind talking about it now. Chances are it was well known, before we even redployed, that we would be going to Curse, more specifically H-ADOC.

As to why we're deploying...that's another issue. While on the front of it we are trying to evict Red Alliance and xxxDeath, and that is what alliance leadership wants us to think, I've come to learn another aspect of our deployment.
It's pretty much unquestionable right now that Against All Authorities are the alpha dog when it comes to politics in the south. Sure, there's Nulli, Cascade, NEM3SIS, Red Overlord, and a host of other smaller alliances, but they rule the pack, so to speak. The why likely stems from numbers of supers and active pilots willing to grind structures for days and nights on end as opposed to anyone else, but maybe from some other things as well aside from the active combat force their reputation.
So, with that taken in context, the latest reason I've heard about why Cascade is on deployment stems from Red Overlord wanting to take Querious, and as far as I know they asked Against All Authorities if they would allow this. For now, Red Overlord is not being allowed this action, but Cascade is essentially on probation. Hence, the recent rash of anti-DRF activity. It still remains to be seen, if such action is allowed, whether AAA would reset Cascade as well or whether they would watch the fight and support the victor. Cases could be made for both situations in the future.

It's interesting to realize how past politics play into this current dilemma we face. Early on, just after AAA lost GE-8JV to the DRF, Cascade left LGK-. The diplomatic explanation was that we needed to defend our space as well. The situation as I saw it was simply that Cascade members were angry at Maka, and in order to continue to fight the DRF while stemming the rage about Maka, we had to move to support Morsus and Brick in Delve. We then, of course, barely engaged in any sovereignty warfare during my timezone, and when we did, it was against the Goons Freeport Invasion of Delve. Looking back, and even I mentioned this at time of our redeployment from LGK- to 1DH-, it felt like we were abandoning AAA. I had a feeling it would come back to haunt us.

And now here we are, at the mercy of AAA, only in their good graces for the time that we support their goals. One can hardly blame them.
Cascade has sort of had its break, and sort of not. The last three weeks were mostly CTA free, but were still restricted on ratting until last week, which was open season on Blood Raiders in Querious. As of a few days ago, Cascade has been staging in H-ADOC. As an alliance, I get the feeling the members feel exhausted, and I personally still feel run ragged in terms of war action, as if I've sprinted a marathon and have been allowed to slow down to a jog for last few miles. Leadership is doing its best, as far as I can tell, to keep the alliance safe and active, but is having to do so at the cost of exhausting members because of past political decisions, whether really for our benefit or not.
As for how long we'll be in Curse, I've guessed a month to a month and a half, while I've also heard two weeks at best. Only time will tell I suppose.
Computer: terminate recording.

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