Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RvB Ganked Night meets Sniper Hacs

Entry: seven hundred sixty.

Two night ago was our scheduled sniper hac roam: Zealots, Muninns, Scimitars, Interdictors, and speed fit tacklers.  Originally, we made our way out to NOL- because of some intel the FC had gotten only to find out that the enemies had been wiped out before we got there. Frustrated was a good way to explain our emotional state.

All the way back in Delve, we made our way out to head through the back door. FWST- to D-3 to 8QT- to NDII- to A2-V2 to Keberz and the final jump into HED-. Even now that Against All Authorities owns HED- again, it's still a rather busy system, usually bustling with interlopers of some form or another. Just after we passed HED- and SV5-, having stopped because of a breakoff alliance from White Noise called G00DFELLAS camping one of our outgates towards GJ0-, we got intel that one hundred and eight RvB were trailing behind us in a fleet full of battlecruisers. In particular, a fleet full of Ferox, Brutix, and Prophecy hulls. I could hear the excitement in the FC's voice as he gave orders, and I knew we'd be engaging it sooner rather than later.

RvB came in behind us from HED- landing in WD-V. We jumped back into WD-V and warped to the SV5- gate after a few moments and getting reports that RvB had warped to the gate we were on. We landed at range on the SV5- gate and bubbles went up. Tackle and Interdictors kept on the bubbles while the snipers and Scimitars pulled range quickly.

RvB did not disappoint, and soon landed in our trap. Off gate and constantly being bubbled by Interdictors, FC called primaries almost one after the other, targets exploding extremely quickly while RvB tried to eliminate the tacklers and Interdictors in their attempt to burn for the SV5- gate. They eventually made it to the gate and jumped out, but at a very high cost.
After regrouping and inviting G00DFELLAS to the after-party, we followed RvB and soon learned that they were bunched up on the Keberz gate in HED-. We didn't waste any time in getting there, not wanting them to leave without dying to us a little more, and burned for HED- as quickly as we could, then warping to the Keberz gate at one hundred kilometers.

Intel wasn't the strongest just then, as we discovered that RvB has aligned to SV5- while waiting for us, and several of our fleet was caught red handed and brutally slaughtered by the RvB fleet. Most of us managed to pull range again however, while our Interdictors and Tacklers executed a repeat performance. 
A minute later, G00DFELLAS warped in at range on the Keberz gate as well, and began their alpha-strike symphony.

Targets were vanishing so quickly that the FC gave the order to sort and shoot by range, as he wasn't able to keep broadcasts up to the pace of RvB deaths. With this amount of firepower arrayed against them, RvB burned back for Keberz and jumped through. The wreckage left behind was almost comical.

As a Logistics pilot, I wasn't on very many kills, and those that I were on were only during lulls when no one needed shield repairs with whore gun just to show that I was there as opposed to actively killing anything. Even so, I had a great time. A few of my corpmates had lost their ships in the fights, so I scooped loot to give them, hopefully to make their losses a little more manageable.

Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. LOL.. I have 2 very good friends in RvB. One a pilot I have flown with since I was first ingame and the other is one of my A'Lts, an (Apprentice Lieutenant).

    As Tur was workin in the hole, I know my A'Lt wasn't on any of your KMs, sorry we missed it...

    Sounds like a good brawl was had by all. =]