Saturday, February 18, 2012

AAR Renter Roam #2

Entry: seven hundred seventy-two.

Took a few renters who were getting a little bloodthirsty on a roam today. This was the second of such roams and was meant to be a small wolfpack of Assault Frigates. We totaled eight by roll out. We roamed up through Curse toward Litom, as intel reported a small camp there. Intel also came across a TJA fleet of sixteen deeper into Immensea, but I feared they would be leaving soon and thus set destination for Curse. Practicing on renters helps me train for leading corp roams while not having to worry about whelping a corp fleet.

Engagement 1:
First kill was a triple A renter in a Geddon. He was dead as soon as he landed on gate with us. I didn't engage, but my fleet did, and made short work of him.

Engagement 2:
Jumped into RMOC- and warped to outgate. I called a hold, then called a jump and warp as the enemy fleet came up on scan. Battleships with a Brutix. As I landed, only the Brutix and a Tempest remained, the Tempest warping to my ingate. As my fleet issued warp to the outgate, they had a moment of utter confusion as a Tempest landed at them. I reordered the warp to my gate, scramming the Brutix and establishing orbit while the Tempest at my gate warped off. My fleet eventually landed and destroyed the Brutix. The enemy fleet landed as it entered structure, killing one of my fleet and preventing my escape while my fleet warped out. I was destroyed a minute later some two thousand meters from the gate. Arch took over as temporary FC while I reshipped.

Engagement 3:
Chased a xDeath gang (2 canes, Oracle, Sabre, Jag) a few jumps and warped to the D87E- gate in K-B. We lost a Taranis due to a slightly delayed warp command on the pilot's part, while the rest of us watched him die one hundred kilometers away. We jumped into D87E- and engaged there on the K-B gate  hoping to take a few of them with us. One our fleet was two jumps behind and reported enemy reinforcements inbound, to which I called a warp out. We lost a Vengeance and took none with us. Only after did I learn that the reinforcements were two jumps behind.

Analysis of Engagement 1:
Nothing to learn. The pilot was dead as soon as he entered warp, even knowing we were in local and neutral to him.

Analysis of Engagement 2:
Need to maintain better fleet control and fleet needs to obey FC orders even if they do see a Tempest land on their position. Made the correct call to tell pilots to warp out if under fire. Questionable whether sticking around to destroy the Brutix was the correct call: came out minus two assault frigates for one gank Brutix.

Analysis of Engagement 3:
Downright bad engagement. Should never have taken this fight. We had two ships with a TD onboard, which made me think we could TD the canes and wipe out the Sabre, Jag, and Oracle before needing to bail. This was not the correct call, as I did not account for drones, nor for the Canes packing scrams.

Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. How mean...shooting down us AAA renters :D
    Aren't you supposed to be blue? tststs :)