Monday, March 12, 2012

AARs 3/12/12

Entry: seven hundred ninety-four, supplemental one.

Scenario: Took out a small roam of four consisting of three auto thrashers and a Wolf. Targets sought were lone ships or stragglers. I didn't feel the fleet had enough experience baiting tacklers away from main fleets, so I did not allow that as part of an engagement option unless it simply happened.

Situation One: Was headed to the dead end past HLW-. In the system prior to HLW-, noticed a Scimitar/Drake/Cane gang of fifteen to twenty warp off. Dscan showed them camping the HLW- gate. Unwilling to waste any of the fleet on a fruitless attack, we headed back to H-ADOC.
Evaluation One: The correct decisions were made. A real chance to engage in any aggressive action didn't seem to present itself.
Situation Two: Had set destination for Doril. Scouted a gatecamp in 8G- on the CL- gate with a drag bubble. At the time, only a Rifter and Jaguar were visible, although neutral numbers in local were six in the stationless system. After jumping out back into VOL-, had the gang jump and purposely warp into the drag bubble. We engaged the Jaguar, a Falcon and Nemesis decloaked and engaged. I ordered fleet out of the bubbles and to warp off if possible. I was the only casualty, although I and one other were jammed out.
Evalutation Two: I foolishly engaged a camp that was obviously supported by cloaked combatants. Art of War is known for always bringing Falcons, a fact I missed in not checking their alliance tickers. Despite this severe error I made the correct calls in getting the fleet out, excepting myself being scrambled and primaried. Even missing the fact that it was Art of War alliance, I should have known that Recon support was clearly there at the Drag bubble, and should have just turned around.
Situation Three: Frustrated, we went to F9E-. I scouted, seeing an Enyo warp away but not to where, and seeing a Retribution warp away to the sun. I warped to the sun at thirty, called the fleet to jump in and warp to the sun, and landed on top of the hostile Enyo. I died before my gang landed. My fleet landed, but not in time to take on the Enyo and Retribution.
Evaulation Three: Local only had the two neutrals and me. I should have checked if they were working together before warping to the star, an operation that would have cost me a mere few seconds and saved me my Thrasher. Failure to do this resulted in me having to tank two AB fit assault frigates at close range.
Situation Four: No replacement ships were nearby, so I podded to Agil. Passed a war target gatecamp to Agil. Bought and fitted another Thrasher then headed back to HED-GP, only to be caught by the same gatecamp I passed.
Evalutation Four: I got my pod out, but realized at this point that I was in a funk. My ability to make clear and rational decisions was compromised, in part by frustration, in part by excitement of leading a small gang, and in part due to fatigue from a slight change in sleep schedule. I felt angry at myself for thinking for a second I could slip past a well set up gatecamp in a Thrasher, and angry at Curse for being such a boring gatecamped hell of combat. I called it a day at this point, not participating in further fleets knowing that my state of mind would only get me killed later on.
I did get to meet a frequenter of these logs, and set up to roam around north of Curse on the next day, which may result in more roams with him and his friends throughout the weeks and months.
Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Looking forward to the roam :)

  2. Bad luck with that man. Sometimes PVP in Eve is like beating your head against a brick wall. I just got back from a Skyrim induced Eve break. OMG the amount of stupid mistakes and ship losses is crazy.
    But I have started to hit my stride again scored a few decent kills (and reduced stupid losses lol).
    Battleclinic is a great way to check if that lonely rifter in the drag bubble has cloaked recon friends to help him.
    Well enough rambling. Hope you get out of your pvp funk and score some shiny kills.