Thursday, March 22, 2012

In Retrospect

Entry: eight hundred seven.
It's funny how the things you say change, like how when I was angry at PL anchoring warp disruption bubbles the 1DH- undock, only to find myself advocating a plan just like it G-G, a system next door to H-ADOC.
In my previous entries, Gorgon Empire, Art of War, Appetite for Destruction, and various other groups had been causing my alliance some serious grief with their nano cruiser gangs. They were always picking people off, and they were quite good at it.
Soon after those recordings, UDEAD began serious gatecamping of the G-G gate in H-ADOC. We snagged quite a few Gorgon and MIF this way, causing some grief and imposing a caged feeling on them. A few days later, when they started escaping through the OSY- loop, we began camping the OSY- and G-G gates in H-ADOC, not just as a corporation, but also inviting some alliance members along. I don't know if we snagged more, but things were getting pretty nasty between Cascade and the corporations now trapped behind H-ADOC.

Not long after we started camping the OSY- and G-G gates, the alliance decided to pick up that operation without UDEAD needing to start the camps. With that in place, UDEAD started camping the actual station that Gorgon operates out of in G-G. Again, I wasn't there for it, but apparently UDEAD camped the station undock with a Remote Rep Armor Battleship gang. I'm unclear if bubbles of any sort were involved. I am clear in the fact that Gorgon was unable to mount any sort of answer to that camp even with double the numbers in G-G compared to those of UDEAD. At about the point where Gorgon had quadruple the numbers, UDEAD stopped camping and went back to H-ADOC. This sort of activity has happened a few times, always hours before I would become available.

Things escalated yet again today when Gorgon and MIF teamed up to tangle with Cascade. Since things had yet again happened while I was away, I asked via mails what happened.
From: Truen1ghtSent: 2012.03.22 18:46
To: Militaris Industries,
So I saw that there was this fight in H-ADOC...right now, what I can figure is that the phoon lit a cyno and the Dread really messed your BS gang up. It looks like maybe you guys were in Bassie's bubble when it happened. Given the presence of alliance members, it seems like it happened on the top station undock?
I am not making any criticisms since I clearly was not there, I am just wondering how the fight played out.


From: bassie12bf1
To: Militaris Industries [UDEAD], Truen1ght

No, it was a drake that lit the cyno, phoon bait failed. and the dread self destructed. they were not exactly stuck in my bubble, most simply had no cap somehow and couldn't move to beat the dreads tracking.

From: JoaoEga
To: Truen1ght

I was there. LOL!
In that fight we kill a dread of gorgon. It has no kill mail, because the guy self destruct. So our efficiency was not real. But even so, we got a win on the isk fight.
The dread just bump on station, and went far. Bassie tackle him, and we went and kill the guy.
In resume that was the fight. And of course we loose some ships.


Interesting. They've decided to start dropping Dreads on our undock. Too bad for them it was a pretty poorly placed cyno. I bet that two billion ISK Dreadnought loss hurts, even if it didn't make it to us as a kill because of a self destruct. 
Computer: terminate recording.

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