Tuesday, March 13, 2012

AARs 3/13/12

Entry: seven hundred ninety-five.
Situation: Two man roam starting and ending at H-ADOC. I was in an active armor Enyo, Roden was in a sixteen hundred plate Rupture. Roamed north to KZFV-, then SAH-, then LEM-, then swung west into Uemon. After Uemon we swung down through low-sec Metropolis and then Molden Heath, returning to Curse through a Great Wildlands entrance at Khabi and 7Q- to N3-, turning south to Curse from there.
Scenario One: Encountered a Shadow arty wolf at planet three entirely by accident south of SAH-. He was forty kilometers away when I landed, so I aligned away, but didn't warp. After a minute, he began burning for me. It was only when he kept at the outer edge of point range and was shelling me did I realize he was artillery fit. After a little more burning away, I overheated as I approached him. He was too slow to notice, and I webbed him at thirteen kilometers. I approached and kept everything on while using blasters on him. My cap was low, however, and I turned off my MWD, not noticing that he was exiting web range while I called for Roden to warp in. Once he got out of web range, I was never able to catch up with him, and he escaped.
Evaulation One: If I'm gonna call in support, I can afford to let my tank get lower than I did let it, and I can afford to not use the blasters in an effort to maintain tackle. Also, pay more attention to enemies webbed not scrammed and trying to get away.
Scenario Two: Somewhere near LEM- I finally found a Harbinger on station. I managed to get tackle and get under his guns and called in support. In my haste and excitement, I accidentally let tackle slip, and the Harbinger warped off. I then accidentally left my MWD on and burnt it out.
Evaluation Two: Need to pay more attention to heat, and only use when necessary for long roams. Approach was well executed, the Harbinger only got me into half armor which was easily repaired even under drone fire.
Scenario Three: Found a cyno probe entirely by chance in a system close to Paala. I warped to it, blaster'd it, and warped out. My MWD was still burnt out. I told Roden not to warp to it, as two Abaddons were on station as well.
Evaluation Three: Good decision, free kill. Roden's probably frustrated at this point. I need to avoid paths like the one I've taken to this point, as most systems were entirely empty up to this point. MWD was still burnt out, so this was probably an unnecessary risk.
Scenario Four: MWD had been repaired in Uemon, and enroute to Khabi came across Kaeda Maxwell in a Jag and unholy Batman in a cyno Rupture on station. Roden and I decided to try to take out the cyno rupture under gate guns. It turned out that the Rupture was excessively tanked, and I believe Kaeda's tackle proved to be Roden's undoing. I got out from under the Rupture's scrambler and warped out to planet five with less than ten percent structure left. The cyno rupture was into structure.
Evaluation Four: Maybe don't engage cyno Ruptures on station anymore. At least we had some action, but it was more costly than it needed to be. Them low-sec dwellers are a bit smarter than your average null-sec pilot it seems.
Scenario Five: Got Roden reshipped and got lucky with killing a Bestower.
Evaluation Five: Awesome! I just wish it was carrying something, or maybe even if it had been fitted.
Scenario Six: In the GW pipe to N3- a Rifter jumped into us. He reapproached gate quickly, then sat there waiting for us to make a move. After a minute he aggressed and a Falcon decloaked, we jumped through. Luckily, the enemy gang didn't have a gang or fast tackler, so we warped away and ran for our lives for a few jumps without harm.
Evaluation Six: Lucky for us they didn't have a bubble. We should have simply warped off, but I was distracted by the office calling for support. Work before play and all. Roden made good calls in my absence barring the warp out that we should have taken, so I feel good about this.
Scenario Seven: Old fleet was disbanded. New fleet was me, still in the Enyo, with Green in a Stiletto, Theisland in a Blackbird, Roger and Eradicator in Assault Frigs. Green was keeping eyes on Pathetiq who was sitting on the HLW- gate in VOL- in a Hurricane. I sat in ARG- on the VOL- gate. I ordered Theis, Roger, and Eradicator to flank from RA- by taking the following route: H-A to Y-D to MN- XX9- to RA-, and to sit on the HLW- gate. I ordered them to check for camps on the RA- gate in XX9- and again on the HLW- gate in RA-. As it turned out, Pathetiq's alliance, The Jagged Alliance, was camping the XX9- gate in RA-, and since Roger successfully scouted it and gatecrashed, we called off action against what was now an unassailable Hurricane.
Evaluation Seven: Excellent calls, nice flanking action that was slowed down by new members forming up. Need to get corp members used to jumping into a situation at a moment's notice. Good predictions about the gatecamps along the back route given previous experience. Good call in retreating. Shamefully, no kills.
Computer: terminate recording.

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