Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Entry: seven hundred ninety-five, supplemental one.

I'm a bit frustrated lately. I've been roaming around, but I haven't been able to kill anything. Honestly, that's not what really has me annoyed though, since I normally make good calls concerning fights. 

What has me annoyed is that I was sitting in a safe spot in H-A, got probed down, and killed. A completely avoidable loss, to be sure.

So first, I got probed down. Guess I need probes on my overview. Second I made the wrong call in trying to warp out as soon as I saw a Loki landing on grid. It was a close thing, another half second and I would have been gone, but it was the wrong decision. So third, I aligned out with overheated MWD and started to pull range.......and then got webbed down enough that I was done for.


Then ridiculed in local. I suppose I deserve it to an extent, but it's still annoying. Eighty mil tornado for nothing. Seems like if the ship isn't a frigate I'm doomed to lose it the same day I use it.

I don't know, I'm clearly doing stuff wrong in that my roams aren't getting kills. It feels impossible to compete with tech two and faction ships and tech three ships all the time, and I know it's not, but the schmucks in alliance can't seem to do anything except feed killmails to anyone who comes around, and I certainly didn't help that situation, a fact itself which annoys me further because I was a schmuck then.

I was pretty excited to take out an armor gank Maller, but now I'm questioning whether I should bother. Tier has a great idea for a plate BS gang to tell those stupid kiting gangs to piss off, which is great to that point, but doesn't provide much in the way of roaming I feel like. More like a gatecamp buster, which will work given all the stupid gatecamps around here.

Gonna have to find a way to get my morale back up for sure...I feel like I'm reliving my first days where all I did was lose ships. Those were dark, frustrating, heartbreaking days...
Computer: terminate recording.


Computer: append to previous log.

I need to man the hell up, and stop being such a damn whiner...sorry to everyone who waded through that.
Computer: save and close.


  1. Sounds like it might be time to change corps.

    Also as far a whines go that was no big deal.

    (Adding probes to overview is very helpful. Sometimes I think I'll get carpal tunnel syndrome from D-scan spamming lol)

  2. Oh yeah, I'll just leave this here:

  3. Thanks for the offer Naoru, but I must decline for several reasons. If you want to hear my reasons, feel free to mail/chat me ingame, but there won't be any convincing.

    Besides, I don't think my KB would reflect well on the Tuskers. It's where it is because of structure shoots and super kills. Subcap wise, I've done pretty horribly lately.