Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fleet Discipline and Knuckledraggers

Entry: seven hundred eighty-nine.

By now the news report for C-J is up on The battle itself, from Cascade's perspective, wasn't terribly impressive. Joining the battle was all about snagging some kills and having some fun if possible amidst all the carnage.

It's not the battle I want to talk about though. Honestly, there isn't much worth talking about except that everyone was shooting everyone and friendlies took the station from Red Alliance.

Prior to the battle, we were formed up on a titan, ready to bridge. During this time, people simply could not shut up. It always gets me, and annoys the hell out of me, that this happens. Why is it that when battle comms are asked for, and  we're sitting on a titan waiting to bridge while the FC tries to get intel to make a sound strategic decision, all the knuckledraggers have to choose then to talk about ship balances and improvements.

I don't understand it. I actually piped up on comms before bridging and said, "Hey, CAN WE NOT TALK ABOUT IRRELEVANT SHIT WHEN BATTLE COMMS HAVE BEEN CALLED?!" I was fairly annoyed, to be truthful. That worked about twenty seconds before the inane chatter resumed. 

This behavior continued in parts of the fight in C-J, again annoying me because the FC was attempting to make sound tactical decisions while people wanted to tell the alliance about a few more irrelevant topics.

There's another problem, related to discipline, though slightly removed from yet intertwined with the C-J situation: A-GM was kicked from the alliance yesterday. I've heard a few stories, but the common theme is this: a CTA was called, and most of alliance got in fleet. A-GM didn't get in fleet, and then soon left voice comms, but remained in alliance chat and on the alliance forums. In those places, they continued to trash talk, whine, and make excuses for not being on the CTA like everyone else. When it was pointed out that A-GM was the only corporation with members fielding this behavior, they were kicked, having expressed rage at being singled out for not showing up, even though it was the truth.

Whatever assets they have, if not trapped in H-ADOC, are no doubt stuck in Cascade space. Kaldorie X, the CEO of A-GM was not connected at the time this happened, and will likely handle the issue today, but I got the feeling that A-GM is going to be in full evacuation mode as they won't be allowed to rejoin the alliance.  Full evac mode will probably start today, and they are supposed to be allowed forty-eight hours to get out. There's a strong tide of resentment within Cascade though, and I wonder how many people will attack them despite blue standings.

The again, I could be wrong, and maybe they will rejoin Cascade when the pilots responsible are kicked. That was not my understanding of the situation, however. 

All of that said, it's clear that discipline is a problem with Cascade lately. I just want it fixed and soon so that we can along trying to improve ourselves.

On that note, I'll discuss combat improvements within the alliance. Don't scoff, there are some...amidst the wreckage of our killboard... *sighs*
Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. One of the reasons i dont spend much time in 0.0, fleet disaplin is crap. Our FC will rip your head off if you chatter while combat coms have been called, and makes you read gay poetry if you jump trough a gate before hes called jump