Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Traffic Sources

Entry: seven hundred ninety-five, supplemental two.

Every now and then I take a look at what gets people to this log. Here are the ones for this week:
aaa cascade reset

stuck in null sec

"cascade imminent" curse


cascade imminent curse

cascade imminent h-adoc forum

hordes proteus stats

militaris industries

nem3sis red alliance forum

pristine sansha battle remnants

Let's talk about these. 

First, Against All Authorities is not resetting Cascade, we are not a breakaway of them, and they don't want to reset us (to my knowledge) as suggests. Relations between Cascade and Against All Authorities, if the leadership is to be believed, were at their lowest when we left LGK- for Delve. Cascade has been through a very rough time though, and it could be a while before we become a real fighting force again. We try to help as we can and are asked, but we're still recovering.
Second, if you are STUCK in null-sec, and you need a way out...I'm going to assume you are stuck with a somewhat expensive ship as well...your best bet for escape are wormholes. K-Space exits to empire tend to be camped twenty-four seven three sixty five. There are always blips of non-coverage, but they are somewhat rare. Pipes to these exits are usually camped as well, and the additional problem of low-sec presents itself. With wormholes, you stand a pretty good chance of finding a three to six jump route from null to hi-sec, of which probably none of the w-space connections will be camped.
Third, Cascade will be staging all PvP out of Curse for the forseeable future. By forseeable future, I mean at least the next several months, likely six months or more. Every small gang alliance that lives there is absolutely kicking the shit out of us, but one of two things are going to happen: either Cascade just blue-balls every small gang that rolls around because we get tired of feeding killmails, and we just ref and destroy every non station structure in the area out of spite, or we manage to learn from the rape cage that is Curse and become decent combat pilots. I'm hoping for the latter, but today in particular I could go for the former. I'd love it if we could do both, but Cascade is having a bit of a morale problem, myself included.
Fourth, 6VDT- was pretty cool in an event sense, but mostly boring in that it was a massive gatecamp.
Five, Cascade doesn't have a H-ADOC forum. We have OUR forums, but nothing for the area. If we did, we'd also have a Delve, Catch, and Querious forum. This coincides with eight, as I doubt there is a specific forum for NEM3SIS and RA for coordinating with each other. Basically, stop looking.
Six, what in the world is hordes proteus stats?
Seven, if you want to learn more about Militaris Industries, just contact me. I will be happy to tell you what I can. Better yet, apply to join, and if you aren't a spy and are willing to fight and learn to fight and lose ships doing so, then there are only a few reasons why we wouldn't let you into the corp.
Finally, nine, Pristine Sansha Remnants are pretty cake. Good ISK, easy to run even in a standard nano cane. Surprisingly, the nano cane works much better than an armor cane for running this site, and the Cyclone is about on par. Keep in mind I'm talking only about combat fit ships here, it can be silly to run signatures without fitting for combat, especially in NPC null. ISK comes from intact armor plates. Each site provides somewhere between four and twelve intact armor plates, an item that insta-sells in Amarr for thirty million.
Computer: terminate recording.

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