Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PI Complete

Last time I talked about my PI revenue from Anjali, I said that I was making 70 million a month. This was true. What I had completely forgotten about was that she was operating off of 4 planets instead of 5. If we take her 70, and divvy it by 4, each planet is generating approximately 17 million a month. With this taken into account, I expect her revenue to increase to approximately 87 million a month in the 4 days it will take her to develop Interplanetary Consolidation 4.

As of tomorrow, my second PI manager, Old Man Reschef, will have all 5 of his planets with level 4 Command Center upgrades. I expect his revenue stream to actually be higher than Anjali's. A deal has been brokered where some friends will save money, and there'll be guaranteed buyers. Since they'll be buying at 80% Jita, the income will most likely crest 100 million.

I've had to repeatedly sort out kinks in my own PI however. The first time, I had forgotten to route raw materials into factories on one planet. The second time, I left one planet on 1 hour cycles. The third time, I had mistakenly made silicon when I really needed toxic metals. At this point, I'm praying I've worked out my kinks, and the only place left to screw up is on the Assembly planet. I'll need to remember to route the processed materials to the correct factories, as I take care of all but that step (since I actually can't without the raw materials) on initial setup.

I expect monthly income to approach PLEX prices.

I got some figures for high-sec PI from the buyer of Old Man Reschef's PI fuels. In all cases, Reschef is producing at least double, strictly from a raw materials standpoint. In some cases, he is producing 5-6 times as much, also strictly from a raw materials standpoint. If we be extremely forgiving, then we can assume Reschef only makes double what hi-sec managers make. If we be extremely negative, we can say he pulls 6 times as much.

That range is as follows for hi-sec then:  16 million/month <= X <= 50 million/month

Since all of the PI fuels that multiple capsuleers in this buyer's corp produce are used on their POS tower, and it STILL isn't enough, you can guess that empire PI really is not the way to go even by optimistic standards. I almost couldn't believe my ears when I was told that for Noble Metals he was extracting only 20 per head per cycle, when even my worst planet extracts 85 per head cycle.

Hi-sec PI really does suck.

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