Friday, April 8, 2011

1 Day Ago

-----1 Day Ago-----

An invitation was sent out over alliance comms: "T2 Frig Fun". I considered it only briefly while laying back in my bed before deciding to join.

Hey, I love flying frigates, and frigate fleets even more. They're fast, powerful, and hard to hit. They pretty much offer everything you wish your battlecruiser had.

I ran to the docking port, jumped into my pod, then got docking services to load me up into Agni. Agni's never let me down. Hell, he hasn't exploded since I first got him almost a year ago in the wormhole. True, he's gone through some remodels, but explosions? Never.

Fitted to the Assault Ship, I undocked. As the autopilot slung me out through the twists and turns of the undock route in the YI- station, I took a few seconds to admire him. Tech 2 150's, nosferatu, MWD II, armor plating and resistances to go with the SAM II, it wasa  thing of beauty: Fast enough to catch most cruiser and up ships, strong enough to hurt them, and tough enough to take a beating if needed.

Fleet was only 6 or so large. Webs were in short supply in the fleet, so I redocked, fit the Webber, and undocked.

Word came out about Lord Jin prowling around our space in a Vagabond. We set out after him.

Just as we landed on the 8R- gate in attempts to chase him down, we got the forced shutdown message. Damn CONCORD messing with the Neocom again, it's always something isn't it?

We gave chase a little more while he logged on and off repeating in attempt to give hunters the slip, and eventually we decided to just wait for the reboot.


Neocom rebooted, and 5 minutes later I logged in again. Lord Jin was nowhere to be found, and wasn't reported on intel.

We checked 8R-, QU-, and O-U. No dice. We checked PPG. No dice. We checked OOTY. There he is..."Lord Jin is in local in OOTY."

Quickly the fleet made its way to the OOTY gate in PPG. Upon arrival, we waited. It's unusual for people who enter OOTY to exit any other way than PPG. Perhaps he expected us, perhaps he thought the fleet would be smaller than it was, but he bypassed the scout on the PPG gate in OOTY and jumped into us. All 5 of us.

He decloaked. We scrambled him. I hit approach and webbed him. We all opened fire, our jumping in scout doing the same. His shields dropped slowly as he headed for the gate. Without warning, and quite surprisingly, he released drones and incurred aggression, further hindering his escape, as he was no unable to jump out.

I overheated my guns in response. There'd be no escape if I could manage it. I kept him webbed, and repeatedly rammed him off of the gate. His aggression was wearing down, but he was in structure. It would be close. I held my breath, willing the bullets to blow through the remaining pieces of his wrecked ship...

His ship went out of control, and exploded in a fireball of pain. Smartly, he got his pod out. I scooped the loot from his wreck, the FC salvaged Metal Scraps from it, and someone else got the final blow.


5  minutes later, having acquired an additional 6-7 members, we made our way back to YI- as much of nothing was happening.

Upon arriving at YI-, TrustTheDwarf entered system. From where we don't know, but there he was in local. I reveled at the prospect of revenge. I decided to camp the O-U gate. 1 or 2 others did the same at my gate, but we were spread out across all the gates in the system.

10 minutes pass, no one has found him. He arrives 100 off my gate, and I call it out. He warps away as someone begins landing at his position.

5 minutes pass. Someone grabs a prober, and in the course of the next 10 minutes fails to lock him down because of all the traffic in system, and perhaps the intruder bouncing around.

He finally shows up again, 100 off the O-U gate in the direction of another gate. Someone makes a tackle, and we rush in to help. It takes time for me to cross the 100 or so kilometers to the target, but I make it well before the tackler explodes, which itself was unfortunate because the tackler was a Succubus.

Webbed, scrammed, disrupted, he was going nowhere, and with 9 of us now, his shields are falling, however slowly.

It takes a while, as you can imagine. Drake shields are nothing to joke about.

Two kills, all frigates, it's been a good day. The only loss was a Succubus, which while not great, wasn't the end of the world. I got to scoop the loot again, but we failed to get the pod. We never get the pod lately. I dropped off the loot, and camped the W-4 gate in some system, O-O maybe, with the fleet, while the low-sec residents in Loki's tried to bait us into low-sec. We didn't take the bait, and eventually just went home.

It was a good day. But for now, it was back to my bed in my quarters in YI-.

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