Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Jita Social Club

Now that I'm back, having done ok on 2 tests and horribly bombing the third (which really pisses me off even though I can make up for it), some things have occurred.

Number 1:
TPOG, aka Ordos Humanitas, has left Fatal Ascension and has joined TNT in Deklein. I'm not terribly privvy details but I believe the following is the jist of it:

TPOG had joined FA something like 9 months before I joined TPOG. During that time, apparently there were some leadership issues and general alliance issues that TPOG was hoping would get fixed, but after a year, such has not happened. To further complicate matters, the alliance founder has been removed from Fatal Ascension and replaced by someone who was actually about to quit EVE. One can wonder about whether or not he would have followed through, but I suspect he would have as he pretty much always does what he says he will.

Alot of people dislike Zagdul, but you do have to admit that he keeps his word, something which I thought was probably the best thing you could ask for in a leader anyways.

I think another sticking point was the uselessness of the Standing Fleet, or even the ratters and miners in general. The problem was that if we were camped in by say 4 ships, the station would sit there and take it with 20-60 guys spinning ships inside. True, there were a few people accounting for about 10% total, tops, at any one point who would chase them off, but that says something in my opinion when a small gang of pirates camp your station and you are too afraid to attempt to chase them off.

So what if they're in Vagabonds? Whip out a Maelstrom and some tacklers, problem solved. It was literally quite that easy.

Number 2:
I created a third character on my one account, Old Man Reschef. His sole purpose to run PI for me, to net me another 70 million a month doing low-sec PI. His plus Anjali's comes out to 140 million a month. Granted, it's not ratting, and that's kinda slow I guess in that regard, but it's mostly hands off free ISK. It's pretty hard to walk away from.

Number 3:
In creating the old man, I met a guy named Aurelius IV. He and I have formed pretty much a newbie PvP corp called New Jita Social Club. The premise behind the corp is simply to have fun. I expect to run at least weekly ops in being a douche bag and attacking people with frigates. Hmm, sounds alot like how TEST started out, but hey, it must have been fun because look at where they are now.

Admittedly, we lack numbers, and I'm surprised at how reluctant people seem to be to start PvP when they can grind the same missions over and over and buy combat ships they'll never use in combat to increase a fictional money count they can't use in real life that has no meaning because they don't put the money to use. WHEW! What a mouthful, but it's true. If you aren't going out and killing people, is there any point to buying that faction fit Nightmare? If you're gonna grind the same level 4 missions day in and day out, what's the point of playing? It's like....well boring quite honestly.

So, we're starting with tech 1 frigates. I'm looking for more people. There's no skill point requirement, as we simply won't have quality. We will have quantity though, and that's easier to work with than quality to be honest for fleets. 1 Tracking disruptor ship, maybe 2, 3-4 DPSers (also tacklers as we'll do armor if possible), and maybe a jammer, a neuter, etc. I'm tired of seeing battlecruiser gangs, and I'm tired of the seriousness of internet spaceships. Let's just play the damn game.

That'll do me for today. Until next time!

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