Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still learning the tricks of Null-Sec

Firstly, let me apologize for an earlier entry, roughly two back, the one where I QQ'ed so much. I have to admit, the guys mocking me were right, because had I been PvP fit, I could have gotten away because the Dramiel that caught me was orbiting at 3 km or so. I could have neuted him to hell, scrammed him, and smashed him.

On to business then.

Ratting has not been making me alot of money, and I questioned why. Sure, my ISK per hour jumped from 5 to 6 by switching to the Maelstrom from the Hurricane, but it's not exactly a good improvement. "Should I be salvaging these wrecks?" I thought, and I asked, and it turned out the answer was yes.

Thus another 15 Million ISK went into a salvage Thrasher. I didn't want to be the guy who lost a ship in Hi-Sec because of the war. You never want to be that guy. I can see even now how salvaging wrecks help, and even though I don't plan to sell the salvage except every few days, it should be a pretty big boost.

My original Maelstrom fit, a Booster fit, really wasn't working. Basically it just sucked too much cap, forcing me to dock too much, thus making ratting even harder. I did some playing around and modified it some. It's not cap stable, but when I kill enough rats, I don't need to warp out and can just toggle the shield booster. The cap lasts notably longer however. Ideally I want to get some cap rigs on it, make it even more cap stable so I never have to worry about it, but Large rigs would bankrupt me right now, that's how little cash I got. In about 20 days I'm looking at switching my meta 1 1200's for t2 1200's, which should be a big boost in ISK/hour, not to mention outright damage. I might be tempted to go for 1400's though. More alpha could mean outright exploding even more ships, but we'll have to see.

Old fit: mid slots - 2 SBA 1, 1 XL booster, 2 invuln 1
            low slots - 4 gyro 2, 1 DCU 2, 1 TE 2

New fit: mid slots - 1 SBA 1, 1 XL booster, 2 invuln 1, 1 cap recharger 2
              low slots - 3 gyro 2, 1 DCU 2, 2 cap relay 2

I also recently figured out the Jump Bridge deal. A friend showed me the website, and now that I have that, well, I'm alot less likely to get ganked. Previously I'd only had 5 Jump Bridges with passwords. Now I can access the whole network, assuming IT doesn't take them down.

In terms of other things, alliance/coalition ops have largely been siege warfare as Fiddler describes it: alot of structure shooting, not alot of ship exploding. Necessary evil that it is, I don't want to do it every day, and it seems like there's an op on it every day. Let's face it, my Wolf ain't gonna lay the smack down on anything, and my Scimitar is still spacedust and salvaged parts.

Finally, I set up a bunch of gate safe and gate pounce spots for the route in from empire. Me and another guy have a plan to sell ammo, undercut the market, and make big bucks. Naturally, just as we decide to do that, the new Industry head starts talking about looking at the market and supplying things like ammo. -_-

I know it was an uninteresting post...but it's just an update. The next post will be about the new faces of Anjali and Truen1ght, and things I liked, disliked, and would have liked about the character creation process.

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