Monday, January 31, 2011

The Conquest of 6VDT-H

Day 7:
I logged in to find myself ten hours late and plus 4 mails:


Mail 1:
Sent: 2011.01.31 13:23
To: Fatal Ascension,

    As the sands of time slowly pour forth we await our destiny!
    Step forward brothers and sisters and reach out ..stretch forth ...grab a hold of your awaits you
    Countdown to 6vdt 1 hour !!
    Come and be a part of this historic event...Stand here with us...Be amongst those who stand victorious....Our destiny...goes hand in hand!
    In little under 1 hour we take that which was pre-ordained to be ours...IT was just keeping it warm for us ....Now is the time!
    Test will be claiming the station and system ..we will then guard the tcu as it onlines ..This is a mighty blow to the hated clown fuckers that sir molester leads ..Remember today

    Come out and join us Fatal ....I look forward to seeing you here !

Mail 2:
Sent: 2011.01.31 14:44
To: Fatal Ascension,

    This is the After action report for the fight in 6VDT-H.
    We have finally taken 6VDT and is now becoming Blue. I know there was quite a few FA members who just stayed in system for all 5 days this fight took. But finally we claimed their system.
    They decided not to fight us on their last timer. But now they are broken and their main staging system is ours.
    We shall keep pushing into fountain till it's all blue but this is probably one of the hardest systems to take and its finally ours. Keep a eye on the market in 6VDT and contracts guys for fire sales :D you will be able to buy stuff VERY cheap.
    Thanks all of FA that helped in this fight we should not need to do another 5 day siege on the station for anytime soon.
    See you all on the need battlefield!!!!!

Mail 3:
Sent: 2011.01.31 15:36
To: Ordos Humanitas,

    today the 6vdt op saw its final stage with the last RF timer on the station, our allies now own the enemy's main base in fountain and the op will be an official success in about 8 hours when the TCU is online and seals the sov. change.
    TPOG today had 6+ people on this op that's about 10% of the whole corp and made 100% of the online people at the given time when i looked at it. That is amazing, and one of the reasons i love you all :)
    There will be convoys and maybe jump bridges leaving the system soon after the 8 hour timer, if you can't make any of those stay safe, don't travel alone and tomorrow you might want to still be in the area anyway as the next station next door gets taken. However in 8 hours the all hands live out of 6vdt phase is over and we will slowly return to 1-N for taking care of your personal wallet as well as the corp wallet.
    Time to bring the same momentum into our other operations.
    Important pvp operations will continue to happen but mostly starting in PNQY, so you can easily reach them from our home.
    Thanks for everyone who stayed in system over the time and to everyone who came at least for the timers, thanks for not letting me sit here alone all day ;)

Mail 4:
Sent: 2011.01.31 16:52
To: Fatal Ascension,

    We aren't done yet!
    7BX (that's the system next door to 6VDT) must fall too. Station comes out of its final RF timer tomorrow (1st Feb 2011) @ 13:00.
    Don't pack up and leave 6VDT just yet if you're already here! Stick around and tomorrow we will take another IT system.
    OP TIME: 13:00
    OP TARGET: 7BX station
    OP OBJECTIVE: Take system and establish sov.
    Ships: Alphafleet > TACKLE > Bugzappers > kitchen sink


I feel I should note that although the conquest may have taken a literal 5 days, it was spread out over 7. I should also make mention of that last two shiptypes: while I am not familiar with Bugzappers and am assuming those to be smartbomb fitted Battleships, the kitchen sink refers to a cup, as the action is expected to be so intense and sudden that taking a piss will result in your ship blowing up, your pod being destroyed, and you losing alot of money.

Having read the mails in my varied inboxes, I decided to dock at the station to repair my wolf. As previously mentioned, I had 19% structure remaining, and I was tired of bleeding fire into space. Thus, 6VDTackled By Aceites Rifter was the next destination, so named because the previous day a pilot named Aceites tackled an enemy ship in a rifter, holding down the target long enough for more points to warp in and land on the enemy vessel before his rifter was destroyed. It was an act of heroism (or bloodlust) well commemorated. It should be noted that Aceites had been a capsuleer for all of 3 days, and his determination was not only commemorated in this fashion, but he was given 350 million ISK by allies in 6VDT minutes after the enemy vessel was destroyed by ClusterFuck forces.

Upon arriving, I realized the station was still in rapecage mode. I burned towards the station, got my Wolf repaired, and burned out to returned to the FA POS.

Having repaired my vessel, I settled in for an uneventful night at the helm, wrapping up some personal business I brought along with me just for times like these.


After several hours I managed to finish my personal business, namely running equations for 3-phase power systems and power calculations involving complex power supplies, currents, and resistances. It was not pleasant, but it needed doing.

Even at this late stage in the siege, we are still losing Coalition members. It seems like every 30 minutes we're losing another person who's AFK at a gate, or a station, or 200km away from everyone else, or ratting at a belt...and we ALL know that there is a group of hostile bombers who are here picking people off.

Everyone who has died in this fashion needs to go back to High Sec. If you weren't a capsuleer, your stupidity would have been bred out of the genome.

[04:47:08] Samej Arkanus > Confirmed Reds SB's-
5 Nemesis
3 Hounds
5 Manticores
3 Purifiers

See? CONFIRMED! Don't screw up our damn killboard!

This loss was unfortunate, as the pilot was hoping to catch stragglers at a gate and was instead ambushed rather severely:

In other news, fleet is at its lowest since the beginning of the siege, numbering at 77. Local is at its lowest since the ClusterFuck (read: Coalition Forces) invaded 6VDT-H, numbering 195 pilots in system. Tomorrow the system next door, 7BX, becomes ClusterFuck property as we evict IT alliance.

My favorite quote of the night:
[04:53:52] Anela Cistine > We bubbled the sun?  Hardcore.
[04:54:03] WhiteyUSMC > rapecage the sun

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