Friday, January 28, 2011

The Invasion of 6VDT-H

Day 1:
Today I got word of the massive siege of 6VDT-H by my Alliance, Fatal Ascension, and its allies. While I was in logged out mode, ie, not at my ship (and if I was in it, it would be less than debris on a scanner), Fatal Ascension and allies made a push all the way from B-DBYQ (16 jumps) into 6VDT-H. Once there, every gate was heavily bubbled and camped, every enemy POS was rapecaged and reinforced, and the station was bubbled and camped beyond belief. I am told IT was brutalized, taking massive losses.

I was unfortunately not there, as my timezone of operations did not line up with this assault. I am also unfortunately in empire in a clone, and I still have a good few hours before I could clone jump back to FA space, by which time I would be back to a logged out status.

I am resolved to join the fight as soon as possible.

Day 2:
I entered logged in mode today, and clone jumped to HPSC immediately. I tuned into the Alliance channel, learned of an upcoming reinforcement fleet, and joined. I didn't have long, so I grabbed my Wolf, Agni, and made my way over to B-DBYQ as quickly as I could manage while stocking up on ammo.

I made it just in time to warp with fleet to the J5A gate, which is constantly camped by IT and its renters. When we landed on the gate, the enemy gatecamp disappeared. Within five minutes, we made for 6VDT-H.

About an hour later, we made it to 6VDT-H. It perhaps did not need to take as long as it did, but we picked up pilots from various systems along the way, and overall the siege will be stronger for it.

I write this sitting inside the FA POS shield. I do unfortunately have some other business that needs taken care of, but if things go south real fast, I will join in and help. Otherwise, my fellow pilots who aren't busy can handle the siege. From what I understand, most of IT isn't in my timezone anyways.

Day 3:
Today has been rather uneventful. I did learn that the Goons reset their comms, and after tuning in, I found myself listening to a lot of mindless jabber for an hour or two before something happened.

Unfortunately, that something was a friendly Maelstrom getting blown up. This may or may not be due to mindless chatter, but since the pilot seems to think not, perhaps not.

The only other business that has gone on today, aside from me camping the 7BX-6F gate, has been the occasional enemy battleship trying to escape, and one enemy fleet trying to escape in a rather hopeless way.

Of course, just after I wrote that, we got 2 battleships kills, both trying to escape POS's: one Maelstrom, one Apocalypse.

I only have another hour though, I wonder if I'll get to kill anything. I'd rather my contribution be more substantial than helping hold down a gate.

You know things are really slow when the FC is calling out, "SPAM LOCAL SPAM LOCAL SPAM LOCAL" like it's of vital importance. I'm undecided on how much spamming local demoralizes the enemy, but I would guess it's inconsequential compared to completely locking down IT's main staging system.

I just learned that there is another IT tower coming out of reinforced fairly soon. I just wish my scheduling allowed me to stick around for it and get some kills...who knows, if it happens soon enough maybe I can participate for a little bit.

Until then, I'll be camping the 7BX gate, hoping for an idiot or someone extremely desperate to come by.

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