Thursday, January 20, 2011

The New Employees

Today Pandemic Legion began (as far as I know) a siege on Pure Blind. This is primarily the region I rat in, though not many ops get done around here as far as I know.

I logged in to find 2 Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBUs) going up in RQH-whatever, onlining in an hour.

An hour passed, no fleet from the locals, FCON (Fidelias Constans) had been mustered to take out said SBUs.

30 more minutes passed before a fleet of roughly 20 came in and attacked an SBU. Shields dropped, it began taking armor. One cloaky Onyx decloaked and scared everyone off for 30 minutes.

The crew came back, took down some armor. Pandemic Legion jumped in, and while I don't think they got any kills, everyone scattered again. PL camped the SBU, repaired it, and jumped in 12 Motherships to reinforce the IHUB and every tower in the system, possibly the station as well (I don't know, wouldn't be surprised). A jump bridge I didn't know existed was taken out as well.

FCON was not outnumbered manwise. PL had mostly t2 and t3 ships, t2's being largely HACs, a few recons, a few Scimitars. FCON had a rather large number of Stealth Bombers.

Perhaps it's me being a bit silly, but can't 5 bombs be fired at once and exploded without killing each of the same type? Don't 5 bombs of any 1 type destroy, well, any sub cap vessel caught in the blast radius? And aren't the ships cloaky so as to avoid actually dying?

Gee FCON, I was in a Hound, and I would have joined your fleet, but you had no advert up. How come none of you even thought about fighting back with guerilla tactics? You have all the fixins, and they have targets to hit (ie, them). I just don't understand guys, help me out here.

Oh,'re scared of Pandemic Legion, that's right, because instead of ATTACKING the one cloaky Onyx, you all ran and hid like cowards. Let's assume PL had in fact jumped in, then let's assume that people should have been aligned to the station in the first place since you were expecting a PL hotdrop. And even had they jumped in, since most of you were in small fast ships, like my Hound, it's pretty safe to say most of you would have gotten away with the sacrificial Myrmidon if that Onyx had tackle.

Thankfully, you get the chance to rep your towers, your IHUB, and put some new mods back up. No, you aren't going to kill motherships with Stealth Bombers, but you are going to be able to kill any sub cap ship with them, and this time you better fight for your space. Am I going on these Alliance ops so you can cower and rat and pick on pirates?'s 0.0 peeps, you have to be strong, and more importantly smart, both of which you were not today. Especially the smart part.

Get your shit together FCON, or you may find yourself out a system, out a station, resented, and homeless.

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