Sunday, January 30, 2011

Desperation at 6VDT-H

Day 6:
I woke up and logged in to the familiar camping scenario. I warped to my position on the 7BX gate and settled in.


2 hours after joining a gatecamp, something happened. At my position on the 7BX gate (just outside of the bubbles) my overview lit up with hostiles. I immediately called out "7BX gate hostiles" over fleet, and MWD'd away. Even if it does blow up my signature, I'm moving at a little over 2km a sec and manage to warp out at 19% structure. I assume I had been primaried because damage was coming in somewhat fast for my range on the enemy fleet (40+ km).

I arrived at the FA POS, having repaired all my armor in warp, and warped out to rejoin the fight.

We warped around several gates, catching pieces of them most of the time: a bomber here, a few HACs there, a recon or two in between. Our pursuit was largely hampered by our own dictors who were bubbling the field without checking if the enemy fleet was actually in range...and this happened several times. We finally got the majority of the enemy at the 7BX gate again, and we annihilated it. It was here I got my first kills and tackles of the siege. I did not however get any killmails as the final blow.

Shortly after what I've been told was an AHAC fleet (I admit I was much too busy just trying to land points and bullets to notice), a drake shield fleet jumped in at the 15U gate. Our roughly 600 man fleet warped to that gate and utterly destroyed it. There's not really anything to report on that battle: Maelstroms alpha'd the basilisks and drakes while everything else shot primary targets and landed tackles.

It is worth noting that each enemy fleet numbered only slightly over 100, total enemy combined size estimated at roughly 250.

Since that last battle, looting went fairly quickly and camping resumed on the gates. FC's called off camping towers as those camping them were the recent targets of enemy Cov Ops gangs. Normal operations (read: chasing stealth bombers and never catching them, and camping gates and the station) resumed some 30 minutes later.

Note: The 6VDT-H Station comes out of reinforced at 02:00 EVE. We are expecting a final assault around that time by IT to save what was once their system and any ships still docked there.


Something I've come to realize about being tackle in a fleet: manual flying is requisite, as targets can disappear rather suddenly and you can as well if you are not moving. Don't attempt to auto orbit or approach anything unless it is also fast tackle. Instead, manually pilot, and as another capsuleer has mentioned, don't target the primaries if you are a tackler. That primary is likely to disappear before you ever land your point on it.

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