Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Rough Edge on the Null Sec move

As it's no doubt apparent, I recently moved to null sec as part of Fatal Ascension. And, as it will also be apparent, in the 3 days I've done anything, I've lost 2 ships. One was a Scimitar, caught by a gate camp after an op and destroyed, the other was my only other ship out there at the moment, ie my ratting cane. And while the ratting cane wasn't great at ratting plexes, it did rat them, and I had some income, which I was building up to buy a ratting Maelstrom.

Because let's face it, Scimitars are expensive. And I ain't going on alliance ops if I don't have the money to keep buying ships. And right now, the income is coming off what is left of my Empire assets. Selling those should JUST put me over the edge in buying a ratting Maelstrom and fitting it half decently.

It's a bit frustrating though, because I'm waiting for my other ships to make it into null, and the person supposed to do it hasn't. Hasn't even logged in, so there's an excuse, but other Scimi is there, my two other canes, my jag and wolf and rifters...without them out there I don't have any ships out there, ie I'm a useless egg hanging out doing nothing.

So having gotten my cane blown up today by an IT gate camp one system outside one of ours -_- ...(come on guys, friggin protect your space), I clone jumped back to empire with the intention of at least missioning for isk, only to find out I had no L3 ship, thus I am now selling these random stabbers and rupture and mods that I have hanging around....and it MIGHT get me to 200mil ISK.

I think Ranger only has a Cane and was as frustrated as me in ratting with one. Aelith lost a Maelstrom on a fleet op. I don't think Riddick has lost anything yet, not sure if he's been on any ops though either. And Moph while I don't think he's lost anything has at least gotten himself a Tengu today for ratting.

On the upside, I have 25 thrashers and 30 rifters. I'll have ships to fly, just not for ratting. A pirate's life for me! Yarr! Because it'll be my only friggin source of income without a ratting ship!

So, onto the battlereports.

The first lost was the Scimi. After an NC op basically screwing up IT sov, I logged out. I logged in the next day at a friendly tower, and made my way back to FA territory. I jumped through the first gate, got bubbled and scrambled and webbed. I burned for the gate AFAP, but still blew up as I jumped through, only my pod making it out.

The second loss was my ratting cane, fit for PvE. I was on my way to help a corpmate and made it one jump. I got scrammed by a Dramiel, then killed by 7 or so Drakes, and then got laughed at by the Alliance for "not having a proper fit". It should be obvious from the killmail it was designed for PvE, and it should be obvious from the killmail that the kill happened in OUR territory which was unguarded. Thanks alliance for being a bit useless there. Bad enough it was on our territory, but then you laugh at me for a PvE fit came.

If I wasn't so friggin strapped for cash I wouldn't have done it, but I needed some income. And so you fools that laughed at me, well, don't count on reps from me in fleets, not until I see you explode anyways. One explosion will do per. Maybe you didn't know I was a logi pilot, but by just NOT repping you I can cost you money, and you should think about that some. I can cause you frustration, ISK, and time.

Yes, it's out of spite. You can blow up once and then we'll be good. :)

Enough ranting and raving and mad revenge...I'll get over it, but you won't see me repping you for a bit, because it's expensive and my ship ain't getting reimbursed. It's not like I'm getting killmails...

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