Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Siege of 6VDT-H

Day 4:
Today has been very slow.

The occasional ship has flown in, or flown out, largely getting away in my opinion to bored people mucking up comms, but these aren't soldiers, and can't handle long periods of military intensity. In fact, the periods are often extremely short, in the order of 5-10 minutes.

Yesterday an alliance member lost his stealth bomber. He was killing pirate vessels in the asteroid belts. I also just got word that there are two more alliance wrecks, Maelstroms (since no one flies Tempests or Typhoon) in the belts here. I understand that people are bored, but ratting in an enemy system with known hostiles about deserves the Darwin award. If you are too stupid to live, well, IT gets to kill you, and you get to lose your ship, and you don't get to have it reimbursed by the Ship Replacement Fund.

I believe the alliance has gotten a few kills today, however. As I had no part in those kills and everyone else, even gate campers, went to go whore on the killmail, I have no idea what was killed today and likely everyone else does.

I think I'll log out for a bit, get some rest. IT is moving out of their timezone and into ours, and they still haven't attacked. I don't get the feeling that they will today, as their numbers are dwarfed by ours and their morale is likely incredibly low. By the time I log back in, the Reinforcement Fleet will likely have made it here from PNQY. Yet another wave of Alliance and Coalition forces to punish IT for it's lack of strength.

And as a closing note, the order to spam local was given yet again, and local is scrolling by so fast I have no hope of reading any of it. It's probably a blessing, as I heard over comms that via local contracts an FC has been selling prototype cloaks for the price of improved cloaks.

Day 5:
Today started off rather well with a bomber and a maelstrom kill for the coalition. The Maelstrom attempted to escape, managed to jump into NDH-NV from somewhere in system. Nig Fleet (best fleet) gave chase, followed him through the gate, and destroyed his  Maelstrom and his pod.

I was a little slow because of orbiting the 8-8 IT tower inside the bubbles. The Maelstrom jumped through when I was 30km off. I bolted for the gate in my MWD fit Wolf, and when I was 20km off the gate a Crow appeared on the overview. Not wasting any time, I changed course and made for it.

While I didn't manage to catch it, the Crow managed to get blown up anyways, and the pod shortly after. For some reason the Crow pilot thought it was a good idea to run AWAY from the NDH gate but not towards any warpable spot in space. Having nothing left to kill at the NDH gate, I warped back to the 8-8 tower.

There was about a 5 minute lull in the action, and then a red pod showed up 139 km away from me at the 8-8 tower. He bounced around for a bit, and eventually managed to get bubbled by a Heretic. The Heretic was however a bit slow about killing pod, and I managed to traverse 60km and get close enough to shot the pod a few times with Barrage and land a Warp Disruptor II on it. I did not snag the killmail, but at least I was part of a killmail, however unnecessarily.

After having done that, I returned to my chosen station, orbiting the 8-8 tower, the last IT reinforced tower, at 30km, ready to make a quick tackle if anyone tries to escape.


Several hours later:

Coalition forces have snagged another few straggling kills: a Hound at the 7BX gate, a Maelstrom at 3-1 caught in a bubble camp, a stealth bomber at the station, and all three pods. No losses known as yet, except for one idiot in a Maelstrom who burned 200km above a bubble camp to scoop some drones.

I'll have to leave again soon. So far just the one pod kill for me, but at least I have that.

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