Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Downtime update

Entry: four hundred thirty.

It's been eleven days since my last entry. Much has happened since then worth talking about.

Shortly after the previous entry, I took part in a roam with Easley Thames as FC. Under his command in my Republic Fleet Firetail, I managed to get onto a few kills. I felt pretty good about taking my Firetail out for combat, win or lose, for the first time ever since getting it, and coming out on the winning team. Victims included a Harbinger, a Rupture, a Drake, and a smartbomb fit Armageddon that I didn't quite manage to get on the kill of.

I've been waiting for that Bomber Squadron Leader, Sweet Bitterness, to start up again. He hasn't, however, and I wonder if he's worn off of it or if things have really been that busy with his corporation. I do realize they are heavily engaged in pilot versus pilot operations in order to gain entry to Cascade Imminent, but still...

Following this, there was an engagement against RAZOR. They've taken a liking to roaming in our space with fifty man plus gangs. It's been quite frustrating. Rather quickly, this particular force was met with quick action of forming up on a titan. A cyno went up in A2-, and the fleet jumped, being scattered as the cyno pilot died. We warped to the stargate the enemy battleships-guardian fleet were bubbled on, and engaged. We managed to destroy most of their guardians while they managed to destroy many of our zealots. At the end, we had managed to destroy enough guardians that we were going to win when a Thantos was cyno'd in on top of us. Suffice to say, the fleet bailed. I lost my Rifter tackling a Tempest that attempted to escape because it had support in the form of a Rapier which webbed me heavily.

I've done some ratting since then, getting ready for out next deployment. The Alliance is pretty fed up with RAZOR and Morsus Mihi, with their penchant for dropping capitals, supercapitals, and roaming in blobs. Us, Atlas, Nulli Secunda, and Against All Authorities in conjunction with TEST and friends are planning to get rid of them.

In between ratting ventures have been the occasional roams, none noteworthy until last night. There was, again, a RAZOR fleet, approximately sized fifty, invading our space. After some rather slow forming up on Cascade Imminent's part which took the better part of two hours, we managed to get a fight. I attempted to join the fight in my Hound, and attempted to bomb the enemy fleet. I did manage to get the bomb off, but I lost my ship in exchange, and I got on zero kills to show for it. I'll keep this mind for the future so that I don't get antsy and lose my ship for nothing.

Things have not been going well for our area of null-sec. Things are going to change, however, and soon. Retribution is our fuel, and only grows hotter with each passing day.

Computer: terminate recording.

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