Thursday, July 28, 2011

Absurd pt 4

Entry: four hundred fifty-four, supplemental four.

System: CZK-
Region: Catch
Time: 03:30
FC: Aggressively Stupid

Hakawu: Guys, there's a Sedition gang coming in behind us. Looks like battlecruisers.

FC: Alright guys, reship into battlecruisers.


System: CZK-
Region: Catch
Time: 03:40
FC: Aggressively Stupid

Hakawu: The Sedition gang has stopped in HY-! A triple a gang just jumped into system, there's going to be a fight!

FC: Guys, burn to HY-! Get there as fast as you can!


System: HY-
Region: Catch
Time: 03:45
FC: Aggressively Stupid

Hakawu: The trip a FC is asking us to stay here.

*triple a gang warps off to another gate*

FC: Ok, I guess we'll stay here, in case Sedition comes back.

Hakawu: Don't do it, they're going to go rape that fleet and leave us out.

*a minute passes, pods start trickling in to our gate*

Hakawu: Goddamn triple a, I told you they were going to do this. Don't ever listen to them when they tell you stay somewhere, because when they do it means they are going to rape the enemy and leave you with pods.

Grunt: Hurricane landing!

*I jump through*

Hakawu: Pointed! Get webs guys!

*I got a web and scram, but he gatecrashed and jumped back through into the main fleet*

Grunt: Hurricane down!

Grunt: A lot of pods coming in...

FC: Yeah, but pods aren't enough to slake my time I won't listen to triple a, like Hak said.

Computer: terminate recording.

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