Thursday, July 28, 2011

Absurd pt 3

Entry: four hundred fifty-four, supplemental two.

System: Hemin
Region: Curse
Time: 02:45
FC: Aggressively Stupid
Fleet Composition: mostly frigates.

Aggressively Stupid: Fleet jump warp to StonerPhreak! 

Hakawu: The Machariel is getting away! Someone get a point!

StonerPhreak: I can't hold him!

Hakawu: Get a...he's gone.

StonerPhreak: Cynabal landing! Get him!

Aggresively Stupid: Get points and webs! He's burning out of the bubble!

Grunt: Point!

Grunt: Point!

Grunt: Web!

Grunt: Point!

Hakawu: Burn him down guys!

Me: 'Dammit! Why can't I lock him! Lock you PIECE OF SHIT! LOCK!!!'

Grunt: Point on Pod!

*Hammering from lasers, pod destroyed*

Computer: terminate entry.

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