Friday, July 22, 2011


Entry: four hundred forty-seven.

System: NOL-. Region: Delve.

Allied forces are currently engaging a rapecaged enemy tower. I'm unsure of who it belongs to, but given all the Brick Squad in system, I'm inclined to think it's theirs. I'm flying my Claw again,as per the norm. I was the first to land at the tower per orders of Archie. I've never tanked POS guns before, but it's an intoxicating feeling to be moving so fast that you are immune to the weapons of a heavily defended tower.

I've been manually orbiting the tower for but a few minutes at this point, evading enemy POS weapons as though they didn't exist. I feel almost as though I'm on drugs.

Pull up, keep that transversal up...turn around...ah there's the fleet landing now. Bubble bubble bubble...bubbles everywhere. They've got no choice but to hide in the tower while the fleet reinforces it. Just a few moments have passed by and I've already traveled a third of the circumference of the forcefield. that Drake trying to make a break a for it?

Alter course downwards at the Drake. Lock, lock, him! Reverse direction, hold him down dammit...hahahahaha bye bye buddy, lemme snag your helpless pod while we're at it.

For my first flyby, that was pretty damn impressive I think. Now just to make sure no one else gets away.

"Recording Paused."

"Recording Resumed."

It's been about an hour since this log was paused. After destroying the relevant SBUs and TCUs, we gated back to NOL- and have been waiting at the station here.

Action went largely as expected, with only three ships managing to make it out. I believe they were a Slicer, a Dramiel, and some sort of Recon ship. Following tower reinforcement, we gated to M2-XFE. Tacklers always camp gates, and so we got a few more additional kills while the Alpha fleet wiped out structures, although a Manticore did manage to slip in and a Proteus managed to slip out.

While waiting, I've learned that Cascade Imminent is taking over the space that once belonged to CONVICTED. For reasons unknown to me, CONVICTED decided to drop all sov in Delve and just go away somewhere. My corp is going to be holding sov in this region, technically speaking, even though our home base is still in Catch and we're deployed at Querious. I've also learned that as of a few hours ago, our alliance, and hence coalition, has blued BORG. That struck me as a bit of a surprise.

We've lost little in the way of ships today. There've been quite a few bombing runs, but they always seem to fail. By and large, we've dominated the field today, with the ten minute exception of Brick Squad warping in a sniper battleship fleet on us at the station. Being at the station, we just docked, and then came out when we were good and ready and drove them off back into the POS mentioned earlier.

We're headed home now. With only a few minutes left on that TCU timer, Brick couldn't stop us if they wanted to.

Computer: terminate recording.

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