Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Black Ops and Rekruiteering

Entry: four hundred forty-four, supplemental one.

Recruiting has been restricted as of today. After kicking someone suspected of being a spy, I've been told to auto-reject anyone with previous affiliations with the NC. This is unsurprising, I just wonder why such a rule wasn't put in place sooner given the crumbling states of RAZOR and Morsus Mihi. For sure this move eases concerns I have about recruiting these applicants.

There is a question to be resolved in this though: does this only apply to former NC, or does this also apply to former DC?

That aside, I went on my first Black Ops operation today. The fleet was surprisingly small.

After an hour of form up, we'd gotten about thirty-five members. We had a few recons, a few bombers, one Panther, but our biggest issues were the blockade runners and the covops cyno pilot. We only managed to get our covops cyno pilot after an hour of forming up. It had taken forty-five minutes to get the bare minimum of two blockade runners that we required.

Once we got the required ships, those being the Panther, the covert cyno, and the bloackade runners, we burned to D-3, somewhere that maps to south in my head but is actually in Delve. Upon arrival, we landed at a POS, and sat there for an hour and a half while we waited for activity to die down in the target system, PR- I believe. To pass the time, a few people attempted to find targets, but with fleets sized fifty and up roaming about, none were to be had. Our mini titan, the Panther, didn't get to light that sickly red cyno bridge.

I feel pretty secure in saying that the night was a failure, and though the FC thanked us for coming, even he had to admit that our operation was simply not possible tonight, and that he would try it again another night, when the friendlies aren't stirring up the hornets' nest.

I do feel pretty good about one thing however: I am apparently one of perhaps forty people in my timezone in my alliance capable of working in a Black Ops fleet. That's an old goal of mine, to be able to do Black Ops stuff: harassment, sieging behind enemy lines, surprise attacks. 

Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Can you also fly recons? If not, and you enjoy that sort of things, go for them.

    Except the Falcon, do not be "that guy". :)

  2. Nope, can't fly recons yet. I'm missing Covert Ops 4 I believe. I still have 8 days to go for Amarr Cruiser 5 though, so that's got some priority.

    We couldn't get a Falcon to join us tonight. I also seem to recall Archie (our main alliance FC) saying that he was "that guy" haha.