Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interesting, but lacks execution.

Entry: four hundred forty-four.

Last night was somewhat strange.

There wasn't much going on in the way of fleets. Hak had been advertising an intel chasing channel for the last half hour things were so dead. Just as they were about to leave, a fleet which I had elected not to join having attempted intel chasing in Deklein, Archie threw up the advert for a CTA I had been unaware of.

It was a Thorn op. I was curious. I had the ship, and could fit it properly for reimbursement, and had originally wanted to try this although previously missed the few Thorn ops prior to this one.

I was the first to join fleet, literally. I set about fitting out the ship properly for reimbursement, and a few minutes later I was set.

Members slowly trickled in. It seemed that Thorn ops weren't popular, and I can't say I really blame anyone. They're bomber structure shoots, no kills to be had really. Over the next half hour, we eventually built up about thirty-five members. Once everyone was fitted, we made our way to NOL-, Nulli Secunda space. The trip was uneventiful, mostly a free-burn.

Once there, we engaged one of the three SBUs,this particular one on the PR- gate. Shortly after engaging it, a neutral Sabre managed to get a warp-in and killed one of our bombers before warping off.

Following this was a game of cat and mouse of sorts. We would warp in, peck at the SBU, and then warp off when bombing runs were made on us. None of us died to bombs, and the only case of a bomb actually hitting someone was perhaps the fifth bombing run, where a Morsus Mihi Vagabond was burning at us, and a Morsus Mihi Hound decloaked to bomb us. We warped off and somehow the bomb hit the Vagabond. Man, Morsus Mihi and RAZOR really suck at using bombs.

Notable kills of the night were two cyno ships and two SBUs. Nulli Secunda helped us out wipe two of the three SBUs, leaving the third alone for whatever reason. Our fleet on its own managed to snag two cyno ships, both at towers. We only lost one bomber at the first cyno ship because the pilot burned directly at the tower instead of maintaining transversal.

Seeing that Nulli wasn't going to help us take out the third SBU in their space, we left it alone also and burned back to 9CG6-H. At this point we learned that our objective had actually been another structure in another system, but there had been no way for us to make it there with the fleet intact because of hostiles on the pipe to the target system. On top of that, Nulli had been engaged with a Black Legion fleet on that pipe for nearly an hour before being able to help us clear SBUs. They apparently won, because their fleet of a hundred or so was there to help us at the end.

In addition to that sov warfare strangeness, I was working on some recruiting business prior to the actual fleet rollout. It's a very strange situation. This particular pilot has been in and out of null sec three months at a time in three different alliances, two of which are Nulli and Against All Authorities, and one of which is Morsus Mihi.

I had a chat with him about various things, including those just mentioned. I didn't sense any dishonesty from him, but the situation is odd as a friend of his was recently recruited into our corp.

Given the situation and what I've learned about him, I'm willing to put him on probation for four months. If he remains active and doesn't leave before then, and doesn't seem to be a spy, he'll get to stay. His record, however, paints a picture which I think is likely to occur.
He'll stay with us for three months. In that time, he will be active one day a month, and very active that day. Aside from those three days, he'll not do much. After three months, he'll leave and return to high-sec.

He'll definitely not be allowed roles for a while if he gets accepted to the corp. Thankfully, that's not a decision I get to make.

Computer: terminate recording.

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