Monday, June 27, 2011

Of Rage, Quitting, and Community (OOC)

If there was a way I could address in character, I would. It's not going to work though, simply because the issue goes beyond just being a capsuleer.

NOTICE: This is about the rage currently going on related to EvE. Now is a good time to close the page if you are not interested. There will not be another post about anything related to this on this blog however.

Of Rage:
There are a lot of people out there who are angry. Undoubtedly, everyone and his pet dog have heard about successive attempts to break the Jita node by players. Most people probably heard of similar attempts happening at other major hubs such as Amarr or Rens.

I have also heard that some unspecified thousand number of Goons attempted to break the Jita node for the sheer hell of it.

There are multiple parts to this, so bear with it.

1) How 0.0 views this rage: Juvenile, irrelevant, somewhat funny. 0.0 really doesn't give a damn. You think any of us are going to be spending ISK on clothes? No, we blow up spaceships all day, raid enemy territory, cause grief and extract tears. We make our living costing other people time and ISK, possibly real money, of their own. It takes a fool of a 0.0 pilot to bother with NeX items. For the price of one monocole, we're likely to blow through an equal amount in real money for ships and modules in a week or less, depending on how active we are.

2) How I view it: It's like real life politics. Special interest groups proclaiming to be the voice of the public in attempt to control the government. How is this different? The only people stupid enough to believe this to be the case are in your special interest group. People, by and large, can't be bothered.

Of Quitting:
So, did you rage-quit over this? Over the 'leaked' CCP documents? Over the NeX? Over the bulkhead if you disable the Captain's Quarters? Over not being able to play on the Mac? Over not having an Nvidia card, so ATI graphics suck?

Good Riddance to you. If you quit for another reason that doesn't have to do with rage, you're ok in my book. The guy at Jester's Trek is a good example of someone who's ok in my book.

If you've rage-quit (further known as RQ) over the CCP document, well, why? What in that document has come to pass to make the game NOT fun anymore? Was it World of Darkness? Buying faction standings? Money Trade? If it's money trade, you really are an idiot, and thank God you aren't playing anymore. If it's the other stuff, you've clearly overreacted, maybe you'll come to your senses, but if not, then the game is better off without you.

If you've RQ over the NeX, well, why? All you have to do is ignore it, because it has no effect on your gameplay. If you did RQ over this, get over yourself and get back to playing internet spaceships you prick. Want to make a statement by never playing EvE again? I ain't listening: you made your choice when you quit, and because you quit, you aren't relevant, so get gone. Someone who loves watching TV isn't going to be dissuaded to quit watching TV because you've quit and now prattle on about its evils.

If you RQ over the bulkhead, why? It, again, doesn't affect gameplay. You want to spin your ship? Open the fitting tab, and start spinning. Don't lie to yourself or me about it: it was never about the bulkhead. What the hell was so good about spinning ships anyways?

If you RQ because you can't play on a Mac, well, you've only yourself to blame. Microsoft has well over 90% of the market share, and it's only good business for a PC gaming company to make sure Windows works first. All you had to do was put a virtual machine with a Windows guest on it and you would have been fine, but you didn't, so quit whining. You weren't smart about it, and it's your fault. I'm sure you've been told that Macs don't get viruses too. If you believed that, you're pretty naive. Why would anyone bother writing a virus that's only going to affect 4% of the world's computers when you can write something that hits 90% or more? The only reason is the one that currently spurs virus writing for linux and mac: personal grudges. In terms of raw security power, Windows is miles ahead. In terms of assailants, Windows is miles ahead.

If you RQ over the ATI/Nvidia graphics issue, tough shit. I got lucky and had Nvidia, and it easily could have gone to ATI cards. I sure as hell wouldn't have quit over an issue like which graphics card was supported first though. If necessary, I would have gone and bought a cheap ATI card, because even the 1GB cards are cheap these days. If you can't be bothered to spend $20 dollars to be able to use your computer, you shouldn't have it, and so if you can't bothered to spend $20 dollars to fix an issue you knew was coming, that's your fault too. You're like someone I know, who has a computer, but never actively seeks to understand anything she does with it, and so anytime something goes wrong, someone else has to help her. Don't be an ostrich.

Here's the most important part: If you have an EvE blog, or EvE podcast, or EvE anything, and you've ragequit, quit posting about EvE. You're the one who decided to leave in a ball of fury, to cut yourself off from anyone having anything to do with the game. Don't be that crazy ex that bitches about you to everyone she knows and makes your life hell. Have some grace and exit stage left already. I don't care what opinion you have about EvE or anything related to it, because, quite frankly, it's obvious at this point how you feel about it and how you got there. You're a biased, untrustworthy source of anything related to EvE, so nothing you say about it is of any value.

Of Community:
Believe it or not, there is a problem with the "EvE Community". This will not apply to everyone.

Have you ever read through the entirety of these blogs by those who so proudly proclaim themselves as "part of the EvE community"? How do they start?

They start off as entertainment. Then there appears to be a point where they become meta-gaming blogs, analysis, off-forum discussion threads. Perhaps this is when these bloggers started getting "followers" and wanted to provide something useful to these people they felt indebted to. It's conjecture when and why these changes occur, but they happen. Funnily enough, it is these same people who by and large are raising the biggest fuss across the EvE blogosphere about this issue.

Excuse me, but isn't there a massive threadnaught of rage about it already? How much more input and analysis do you think we need? At this point, it's masturbatory to blog about it, never mind for several entries in a row. What service are you providing? Nothing worthwhile, I'll tell you that. Anything you write about it has already been said, already been speculated, already been raged about, and it's far from entertaining.

I can only speak for myself, but I'm not interested in rehashing the rage and speculation (I am aware of my hypocrisy at this point, but it's this or bottling the anger, this is healthier). If I wanted any of that, I'd visit the forums. If I wanted meta-gaming tips, I certainly don't want methods that are no longer zero-day. I come by for the entertainment, for the occasional tidbits of knowledge that crop up in these lengthy analyses I find from time to time.

Quite frankly, parts of the EvE blogging community have become like the local and national news: completely irresponsible fearmongering. Yes, you are selling fear, I understand the meaning the of the word. You aren't making money, or ISK, or fame off of it, but you are getting attention, and though you may not realize it, you are attempting to set yourself up as a "voice for the people". Or at least for your followers anyways.

There are some voices out there that offer good analysis. There are very few voices out there that DO NOT SPECULATE on the meaning of the analysis. Speculation of analysis breeds bias via author of one side or another, and its very rare that such does not happen. If you want to provide an analysis, do not speculate: provide the facts, along with similar historical outcomes. People are smart enough to think about things themselves if they aren't pushed towards one side or the other.

I need to temper what I said, however. 1) What I've done is pretty hypocritical, as I've engaged in masturbatory raging about this (mostly on the other side of the coin however). 2) It is not just the bloggers out there that speculate, but the podcasters as well as the regular players. Speculation MUST happen at some point, because that's how people are, but if you want to provide a service, it quite frankly does not mean you need to sway people into your line of thought.

I've been so frustrated by everyone out there raging about this shit. Why are you making it more complicated than it has to be?

Here's an easy solution:
1) Do I want to play the game? If yes, go to 2.
2) Can I afford to play the game? If yes and 1 go to 3.
3) Can I physically play the game? If yes, play the game
4) If any of the above are not true, is there anything I can do to resolve these issues? If yes, resolve the issues yourself and then play the game.

As an addition to this, there was an interesting I bit I read somewhere: "EvE no longer deserves its community".

If you can say that, you are making you and your special interest group to be more important than it really is. We're here to play a game, not be a community. We're here to enjoy ourselves, not be supportive of the "community".

It might just be the case that the community no longer deserves EvE.

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