Monday, June 6, 2011

Anjali's Night Out

Entry four hundred and one:

Before we get into Anjali's latest killing streak, I'd like to mention that for the most part I've finished moving. I've left the Deklein Coalition and joined Cascade Imminent. It's a small alliance that rents out space, and in return we get all of our ships reimbursed. All we have to do is PvP, which is what we want anyways, and that comes down to home-defense quite a bit as the region seems fairly active.

On top of that, my new corp, Militaris Industries [UDEAD] is getting deployed in a week for a week or two. I'm not sure where, or in what, or what the goal is, but I know that constant PvP with the corp is involved, and that strikes me a particularly awesome thing.

So, a few days ago Anjali met a group of pirates in a corporation called R U D E. She went out and met them, then went roaming with them. She got on three killmails: a Drake, a Rupture, and a Fleet Issue Stabber. She got destroyed twice, both times in a Griffin. Other ships were destroyed that she was not able to get onto, but her security status is plummeting quite quickly anyways, I don't imagine it'll be long before she gets banned from a place like Jita.

The Drake:
The Drake was the first target of the night. They hadn't been roaming very long before they managed to tackle that Drake ratting in one of the top asteroid belts. Boy, was that a mistake or what? The squad warped in on him and pointed him, and dropped his tank like it was a sack of bricks while Anjali jammed the living daylights out of him. Just before the Drake exploded, a hostile Falcon warped in, but didn't seem to attempt to save the Drake. The Drake's pod however did escape, and they surmised that the Falcon had been there to save that pilot's pod.

The Fleet Issue Stabber:
Shortly afterwards, a Fleet Issue Stabber was spotted, and then pointed. The squad warped in, and Anjali went to work on the jammers. However, an Arazu warped in, and began scrambling people, and the group began to panic. Anjali focused her jams on the Arazu, and might have gotten a few jams off. It wasn't long before a Sabre and a Falcon warped in. The squad managed to get away, with no losses.

The Roam to Villore and Back:
Following the failed gank, the squad decided to get down to Villore to join up with some new people who wanted to roam with them. After about an hour, most everyone was formed up in Allamotte on the Vifrevaert gate. The roam then proceeded to head to Dantumi, with a few systems on the avoidance list that were to bring the squad through Hevrice.

Things went horribly wrong at Hevrice. Three ships were destroyed in a failed attempt to take out a Dramiel: Ishkur, Slicer, and Rifter. The Tuskers also fielded some additional ships, namely a Zealot or two. With half the squad dead or destroyed, and the Tuskers out in force, the roam was cancelled, and they members of the group made their own ways back to Dantumi.

Once Again and a Rupture:
Having regrouped and reshipped quite a few jumps from what appears to be Tusker occupied space lately, the gang was ready to head out once more. It didn't take too long to find the next target, who was also ratting in low-sec in a somewhat active system. Tsk Tsk, make sure you have support next time bub. Also, next time make sure you offer to pay ransom, offer more than 15 million when faced with a gang of four. The offer was a little insulting to them, and they made sure you felt the pain.

Cyno Ships:
Anjali wasn't able to join in on these next two, as she was forced to wait out GCC, and the station would have fried her Griffin besides. The rest of the gang wiped out the Kestrel and Rupture however. Question is, why did the Rupture fit webs? What he really needed to do was double tank it, or not tank it at all.

Fleet Issue Stabber plus a Sabre:
The fleet had been going for quite a bit at this point, some four hours or more. After some bouncing around, they managed to land on the evasive Stabber from before, and pin him down. Anjali warped in and did her thing with the jammers, and then a Sabre and another ship warped in to help the Stabber out. The gang stuck it out, and got away with killing the Stabber. Anjali however had been targeted by the Sabre and was summarily destroyed. The enemy Sabre was too slow on the take however and was wiped out by the R U D E squad.

A End even to Good Times:
With it getting pretty late, and the roam having gone considerably long, the fleet finally disbanded. Anjali podded out to Jita to buy some more Griffins, which I'm sure she'll be using again soon. Unfortunately for her, it'll be a while, as I need to train up some things myself. The Guardian in particular, followed closely by a projectile artillery fit Abaddon called a FailDong. Once I get that stuff out of the way, she'll be able to resume training.

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