Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bashing and Kiting, in that order

Entry: day four hundred and nine.

Since the deployment, we've been pretty busy. Timers to hit for every type of sovereignty structure you've ever seen, capitals to kill in Delve, raids into TEST space.

I don't think I'll bother to link the killmails. There's a lot of them.

To start, we took our FailDong fleet and raided TEST space. We had to mill around for a good bit before they finally got together to fight us. I was a Claw, which I lost because the enemy fleet felt destroying tackle was imminently necessary when they were going to sit on the gate, and as the fight progressed with us winning, literally alpha striking ships off the field as they attempted to kite artillery fit Abaddons, I jumpcloned into a hurricane, and arrived a few minutes too late to actually fight, instead getting dragged behind a gate on our frantic retreat and beaten to a pulp.

I was podded both times. The headaches have been incredible since then, and are only now abating. Thankfully, no implants were lost, as I don't fly with learning implants by and large. I'm specced for Perception and Willpower, so I make short work already of most of the things I learn.

After that, timers. I had a few tackle ships set up, and surprisingly haven't lost one of them. I sat on gates and whored on killmails of bastards that jumped in, possibly trying to light cynos.

Following this I came online only to notice a fleet had left to attack Morsus Mihi. I burned to join them and arrived just in time to go home. Friendlies had apparently whacked some capitals and a fleet. Halfway back, we got word that triple A had tackled and were killing a carrier. We burned back, and again arrived too late. I'm glad the fight went in our favor, I'm just a tad miffed that I didn't get to share in on the fun.

After that, we've done little but timers for two days. I've shown up for just about every timer I could, because as tackle there are inevitably the neutrals who jump in or attempt to escape, and at this point killmails are killmails. I got a recent communique from a Vanguard Imperium member who said he helped wreck my Scimitar. Bastard, I paid for that out of pocket. I don't envy your situation though, and look forward to finding out where you're going.

I was slightly miffed last night at not getting to attend a final timer op. It was a POS destruction operation, with looting of ships promised afterwards. Not yet being able to fly a dong though, and only having tackle ships, I didn't want to be one of those scrubs that brought a tackle ship and tried to claim an expensive ship, so I just didn't go, and in fact logged off. It's times like this it would have been good to be on Anjali's good side. She's a fantastic lover, but we're only on speaking terms until she can train again.

It's going to be a LONG two months.

Anjali did fill me in on some limited success for her newest Punisher fit. Basically, it's a cheap Slicer, with less DPS, less speed, more capacitor. She engaged a Rifter that was your cookie cutter fit: armor, repper, afterburner, one fifties, etcetera. For a while, she was able to completely dominate the fight by microwarping at range and nibbling away with Scorch. Thirty to forty seconds into the fight, the Rifter pulled a slingshot, and being inexperienced at both the Punislicer and dealing with slingshots, she was taken in, webbed, scrammed, and raked to death by Fusion ammunition in close.

Suffice it to say her tank was her range, which she mismanaged.

She had a conversation afterwards with the enemy Rifter, and he explained that he would always fight a Punisher because as a Rifter, he could always dictate the range and terms of the fight. This was perhaps the one Punisher this would not have been true of, but he managed to win it out despite that. The opponent suggested a Slicer, which Anjali is already working towards, but practicing with Punishers that are roughly twenty million ISK cheaper before risking those slicers she bought at Amarr.

Computer: terminate recording.

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