Sunday, October 3, 2010


Today, between studying Thermodynamics, napping, and watching a movie about a hitman (The Professional), I managed to do something constructive today besides teach my understudy stuff about EVE.

At some point, I have no idea when because I was too sleep deprived to remember the time, one of my corp mates DarkMasiah tells me that he's headed down to Ebodold to kill someone in his wonky fit Rifter. He doesn't have much faith in it, but he goes with it, because he wants some effing action, just like I did and do.

I swear, I'm this close to becoming a pirate. I'm probably going to get my Yellow Skull before the end of the week.

So, I roll down in good "follow the leader" style, and on the way find out that he's beat the Basgerin Pirate in 1v1 Rifter combat. Dark was, if I remember correctly, flying with 200 II's, a scramble, an invuln and a med shield extender II. Dunno bout the lows, but they're kinda unimportant. So the Basgerin rolls up, and they dish it out, and Dark FACERAPES the Basgerin, who's flying a rather typical Rifter setup. You know the type, it looked like this.

Ok, so it's not quite typical. I admit never having thought about using DUAL REPPERS on a rifter.

So, the Basgerin gets another Rifter, and I challenge him. We go out to X belt 9 and do our thing. We land about 70km apart, and I'm thinking to myself "FML. What if he's artillery fit!?" Thankfully, that was not the case. We began orbiting each other Afterburners on full, and basically trading blows on the Autocannons. We hit each other for a good while....enough that I ended up using 3 cap charges and then realizing I had forgot to bring the rest, and hoping that I killed the other guy before he killed me, because I was quickly approaching the end of my cap. I was swearing up and down at a) my stupidity b) my stupidity, and c) the fact that he just WOULD NOT DIE!!!

Without further ado, and a match too close to call, I overload my 150 II's filled with regular ammunition because I'm too cheap to buy republic fleet, and I whack him with naught but 75 percent of my structure remaining. His ship went the way of the dinosaur, and I emerged bleeding fire from the back of the cockpit, but victorious!

After the adrenaline rush left my system, we had a short chat. It turns out that he actually didn't have the ability to overheat because he hadn't trained the skill. Between that, and him only shooting republic fleet emp s (it still hurt like crazy). He might have won, or I might have barely's pretty difficult to say. Then again, there I was using regular emp s and fusion s. Not exactly pirate killing guaranteed as opposed to deer in headlights killing quality, but hey, I came out on top didn't I?

That was essentially my day today. Remind me to get FACTION AMMO for my guns instead of cheap bullets, and bring extra cap charges!

That said though, I think I'm going to be packing an artillery rifter for Frigate smashing in low sec.

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