Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Bloodier Life

After...however long it's been since I last wrote...the old corp has dissolved.

And Thank GOD. Now the new corp has formed, the Spartan Guard.

What do we guard? Well who cares, we're killing you because we're effing guarding it. HEY! YOU! Get off my asteroids I'm GUARDING THEM!


My alternate persona is a guy named Morrdack. He recently joined the 54th Massachusetts out around Amarr territory, and has been having great fun. He's taken over the skill training queue for a bit, to provide some ewar cover for the militia heroes in trasher thrashers.

Our first night (which I largely missed), we killed a Apocalypse, one Myrmidon, and one Ferox, all were at least tech 2 fitted. We lost some number of tech I thrashers, but the point is out efficiency was well over 90 percent. since that streak of kills we've lost ALOT more thrashers, and a falcon ( >_< ) and a hurricane.

We did wipe the floor with a Tempest Fleet Issue though!

That's me there in the Merlin at the far right corner, almost off screen. I'm doing that Webbing on him, ie the spatial distortion thingie. He was trying to make a run for the station, and well, I let him, just at 48m/s instead of 100 some, and that rifter (the 2nd highest ship, wide engine flare) was scrambling him, keeping him from making the run to station at 1000m/s and down to 100 something :D

That is, until all his buddies warped in. We had him at 1/4 armor too, he was almost gone!


And that's me going kaboom, as you can see by my armor gone-ness and my 3 seconds later hull destroyed-ness. Naturally I had been neuted to hell, so I couldn't shoot, or web, or disrupt, and his buddies were repairing him.


I could blog more at this point, but I want to leave out the corp drama that ensued ending with the CEO deciding to quit the game forever. It's for the best, trust me. We're better off without drama and definitely better off with more lulz.

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