Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Train Wreck that won't be forgotten

Despite parting ways with CLHB and Crimson Hellhounds, this train wreck refuses to be shoveled away.

Today we planned on declaring our wars against our war targets, only to find that we have had war declared on us by the Crimson Hellhounds. Long story short, their CEO was the "friend" of our old CEO, who recently quit the game forever. This may play a part in it, though it's more likely that since we think he stole all kinds of fake internet money from our group, he's probably just got a hard on for being a pain in our ass. Unfortunately our CEO persisted in trying to be this guy's friend, despite our reservations.

On to the present.

So, with war declared on us, it's been determined who most of them are, and that they are staging at or nearby our system. We are a bit outnumbered, something like 14 to 6. They also have more skills and the ability to fly more kinds of ships and configurations. However, they are all almost solely EU timezone while we're split mostly between US and AU timezones. We also have the advantage of having lived in W-space, whereas they are reliant on their stations and trade hubs.

I most assuredly am not. I am quite capable of living in space with nought but my cargo hold for supplies for a month or more. The trick is to not get blown up, and not waste ammo. Also, to not get blown up, that's very important.

Mostly we suspect they'll bring their heaviest guns to bear and camp our stations. This is pretty much, well, sucky, but not alot we can do about it short of not being stupid.

Then again, I've been thinking about training me up another alt. I suppose that as long as these tards are trying to play a 14 vs 1 game, I may as well.

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