Sunday, October 24, 2010

Overviews and the Trade Profession

For the last few days, maybe last week, I've been having this issue: I add someone to my contacts list and hit them to my watch list. Almost never do I see what standing I set them as, unless it was red bar (Terrible).

This had of course prevented me from taking down war targets until I figured out that I could only see red bars in local. I was further hampered in not being able to group them by corp this way until I discovered the fix.

Discovering the fix was another issue. It had occurred at the same time Anjali created her own corp. It also occurred recently when my CEO set corp standings against other corps. It also occurred around the time I started saving old contacts in notes (linked contacts). So, I destroyed the notes, then dissolved Anjali's corp...and finally, with no other idea what was going on, I reinstalled EVE.

None of these fixed the issue. I was so frustrated, and given the crap optional patches that have been deployed I reasoned it could very well be due to that. If that was the case however, nothing I could do would fix it. So, I went to fill out a petition. "Please attach your dxdiag output". No, screw you and your optional patch, I don't have time for this mickey mouse ********, to quote Gary Oldman.

So I decided to make do, and set everyone to red bar, and live with it.

And then I'm playing with the overview, and find the fix. ugh. Go to Overview, appearance, and states. Deselecting any of those prevents them from showing in any chat. Any selected will show. Thus the answer was to reselect the orange bar, blue plus, deep blue plus, etc.

I had messed with these about a week ago because I wanted to create an overview where the only ships I would see were red bars, or orange bars, or blue pluses. This was supposed to help Anjali track targets as they moved about Empire. It affects all characters on an account though, so I'd rather not reset it each time I switch characters, especially as I sometimes rapidly change between them for killing or diagnostic reasons.


Anjali's trade experiment in Oursulaert went about half and half. All of the 200 mm Autocannon I's sold for the new price, hence, she made a buck. The Warp Disruptor I's however are not selling. More accurately, I've sold 2 in the last week. They are being bought, but barely.

So clearly the question isn't solely just "What price range will the lazy factor take advantage of?", but also "How often do people really need/use said item, and this is relation to how often they are lost in combat or missions?"

Like I said, this is an experiment, and in terms of experiments, it's going great. I'm building upon conclusions to reach a greater understanding of how something works. In terms of ISK generation, it has a ways to go before I can start supporting an intense PvP habit, possibly with the inclusion of no longer needing to pay CCP to enjoy EVE.

Once Anjali does get to use the training queue however, she's training interceptors. Since she's Amarr, a Malediction seems reasonable. The goal is to use Truen1ght for most things, like wars, griefing, pirating, null/low sec if/when we make the move. Anjali's goal is to join the Gallente faction war, because as far as I know the Minmatar Faction Wars are largely against Final Agony in Ammamake (Pirate Corp for those not in the know). And Morrdack, I'm not sure, maybe just PvP hilarity, with t1 fit throwaway ships. When the new character creator comes along though, they're all getting a face lift. This will be hard for Anjali I think. Making a good looking girl look better with an unfamiliar creator will probably be a daunting task. I expect to spend many hours and several attempts getting it right. There can be no compromise for Anjali. Truen1ght and Morrdack though can be improved easily however, It shouldn't take long. Given how I'd prefer not to pay CCP to try again however though, there's likely to be no compromise for either of them either.

In other news, I just saw the Dronelands War movies (youtube), and I thought they were awesome. Plus, it's cool to know history like that that still gets talked about today or you see references to in signatures and such. Like when BoB died apparently. Apparently it was a great day, so great that it was in fact reported by the New York Times at some point.

And speaking of signatures...*sigh*...I need to make a banner for this, my own personal flair instead of a regular title and description (which also needs updating, because it seems I am not redefining player vs Gang as Player vs Gang). I had a cool idea though, a modified Stabber (made to look sort of like a Hydralisk) swooping down and smashing the bejesus on some unsuspecting ship as yet to be decided upon. I draw my inspiration from Star Trek VI, where Chang's Bird of Prey swoops in towards the Enterprise, uncloaking and launching torpedoes at the same time, then swooping off again while cloaking. Maybe I can also wear a patch, go bald, and scream over local "CRYYY HAAAVOC! AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR!". Now that would awesome. I need to rehash that movie and find some more excellent Chang quotes. Practice will of course be in order, as I have a spinning command chair I sit at, and at night there's nought but an orange light, very dim at that.

*Addendum: awesome chang quotes to shotu in local while pwning someone:

1) I am constant as the Northern Star! (when you're really messing someone up)
2) I can see you *name*, can you see me? (when you're taunting someone to start)
3) Oh, be honest *name*, warrior to warrior, you do prefer it this way, don't you, as it was meant to be? No peace in our time, "Once more unto the breach, dear friends." (when you're about to start shooting and are taunting)
4) Cry Havoc! And let slip the dogs of war! (when you're winning)
5) Tickle us, do we not laugh? Prick us, do we not bleed? Wrong us, shall we not revenge? 
6) Our revels now are ended *name*!

As an aside, I think any EVE player can watch this video and immediately see how closely the space battle connects to EVE.

1) Cloaked ship attempts gank on other ship while taunting. ( I can see you *name*, can you see me?)
2) Cloaked ship appears to be winning (CRY HAVOC! And let slip the dogs of war!)
3) Cloaked ship attempts ransom of victim while shooting, or possibly just taunting.  (..Wrong us, shall we not revenge?)
3a) Victim's buddies jump in system and swear up and down to warp faster (Sulu: "Fly her apart then!!")
4) Victim's buddies warp in ("Now we've given her something else to shoot at!")
5) Ganker becomes victim, gets primaried, and goes up in flames.
(Kirk: FIRE!, Sulu: Target that explosion and FIRE!)
Note: Chang should have kept his transversal up and reduced the damage from the torpedoes ^_^ )

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