Monday, October 4, 2010

All for Laughs

More study of thermodynamics today. I have a test tomorrow.

And I had to write a lab report for Materials and Science Engineering. A complete waste of a class, but there it is, required to get a piece of paper that says I'm a computer engineer!

But, it wasn't all work. I did this work mostly while sitting in port, in my ship, watching old replays of the last alliance tournament, because, well, I was hoping I could glean some tidbits of fleet composition from them. Between actually studying, and talking with my corpmates, I had some good times.

And speaking of good times, it appears that three of them had a GREAT time the other night! My night is their afternoon, but essentially Ebodold is rife with transport missions for pretty much brand new players. Why they get sent into low-sec is beyond me, but Riddick, Aelith, and Moph messed up at least 6 industrial ships at the Tongofur gate in Ebodold.

I took it a step further. I attacked a Bestower on the a tech 1 fitted Rifter. Any guesses as to what happened? KABLOOEY! I had a good chuckle and learned something important from it! A tech 1 fitted rifter is not going to blow up and industrial before going kaboom...unless I fit a massive tank somehow, which, I'll have to work out eventually. But after getting my junkyard Rifter blown up, I went and got my Scythe still left in port then, and exited to Tongofur.

Where Concord immediately robbed me of my lulz boat! DAMMIT! I had been in w-space for so long I had forgotten how criminal flagging worked. I COULD buy another scythe and arm it to the teeth....but why? As long as I already had it, I was good for it, but now? bah...

So, I waited out my criminal flag for sure this time, in my newly acquired reaper, in Tongofur, then made my way back to base, ie Hek. Naturally the trade hub is home, since you can buy everything there you'll need.

After a long pause, I fit out a cheap as dirt thrasher. All 200 I's and a rocket launcher, followed with an MWD, J5b scrambler, cap injector, and two tech 1 small armor repairs. Now, when I go tech 1, I don't get the best named, or meta 4. I go meta 0. If you're gonna skimp, you may as well skimp on everything. I think the premise behind my fit is MWD up on an unsuspecting target, scramble, and pound away, and if you lose your ship, you've spent 800 grand tops for max punishment. I could see this Thrasher busting a jaguar, maybe even a wolf, if it can manage to keep up with either, and keep both in range. The perfect companion ship would probably be an Artillery fit thrasher. One close up, one for far away, whala! It is a tad slow though, I have to admit, and any arty fit Rifter would likely obliterate this thrasher. Hence the Artillery fit Thrasher companion.

At this point, I was invited to a low-sec roam with some allies. I think I was the only one from my corporation, other than the CEO, who went out to low-sec with those guys. We moved around Bosena, Heild, those places, even a dip into null right there, but there was nothing and no one to shoot, which, I kinda expected given our fleet was about 10 guys ranging from fast tackle like me to Battleships, and two guys in capitals.

Having no one to shoot at, we called it quits and returned to wherever we came from. I went back to Hek, and watched some more Alliance Tournament 8, since I didn't want to play with equations about pressure, volume, temperature, and entropy.

A little later, I came back, and made another jaunt down to Ebodold. I went in my cheap Thrasher, and this time there was a little population! I warped to a safe spot, quickly d-scanned, the system, and found only a thrasher on scan. It didn't seem like he was working at an Asteroid Belt, so I warped to the Angel Creo Plex and entered it. To my surprise and glee, the thrasher was salvaging and shooting the enemy Angel pirates. I locked him, approached, and laid into him with my guns. He never managed to shoot me back and his ship made a lovely fireball. I made to blow up his pod too, since he was just sitting there.

I came awful close to being banned from 1.0 space though. So I waited out my 30 minute criminal timer by shooting rats...and they were all dirt easy, because it's a 0.4 system. Gonna take tons of those rats to get anything done.

I am looking forward, however, to testing this out on a corpmate's jaguar and wolf

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