Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm for PLEX for remaps

What I wouldn't give to be able to remap. In fact, I'm certain I would give a PLEX.

"But True! People will abuse the system! People will skill faster than me, and besides, what else comes after?! Skillpoints?!"

Ok, so people can train faster. What if, because of a lack of this functionality, you train SLOWER. I bet that changes your perspective. Buying skillpoints? I doubt it, it's already easy enough to just BUY a new identity, one that comes fit with Cruiser V or some such silly thing. Buying Skillpoints would ultimately fail.

But let's return to the first point. What if everyone else trains faster than you? How does that make you feel? "BE MORE CAREFUL WITH YOUR REMAPS NOOB!" people will say. Nevermind that training anything becomes even more brutal than before.

Once long ago, I used my first two remaps. My first remap went for Intelligence and Memory, so that I could get my core skills down, and that was great for a few months. Then I wanted to expand into different roles, thus needed to train spaceships, and guns, and missiles, and drones, and I had to remap. And thus I set forth to remap at perhaps the worst time, but I did it. Partially due to my fatigue, and partially to the mishmash layout of my attributes (why the hell is Willpower above Perception? Isn't the Perception implant the first one?), I screwed up my brain for the next year after that.

I had successfully remapped into a fail-map. Intelligence-Willpower. Groan people, give yourself a facepalm, and then laugh.

Go ahead, I'll wait for it to die down. It needs to to drive home the point I want to make.


Now. Repeat after me. "What if that was me?"

Think on it.


Let me tell you the consequences: Currently I am training Battlecruiser IV, and then V. With my remap, this training queue takes 35 days. Yes, 35. How long would it take if Willpower was instead Perception? 26 days. 35 minus 26 is...OH! IT'S THE SAME AS IF I WASN'T TRAINING ANYTHING FOR 9 FRIGGIN' DAYS!

Go ahead, clear out your queue for 9 days. Let's see how long you last until you scream at me inflammatory words and slurs. I bet you won't even last 2 days. I doubt most would last but a few hours before deciding that I was an idiot and dismissing me.

It is in this sense that I approve of PLEX for remap, because essentially, I'm the kid with the dunce cap, and sure it was my own doing, but there's no redemption for it either. It's like you lost your first Battlecruiser and were never allowed to fly another for a year. It's pretty cruel, isn't it? I'm not saying life is fair, or that it should be, or that I even deserve the remap, but if offered the chance I'd jump on it before it got taken away. If you can't go 9 days with nothing in your queue, do you have any reason to refute me?

Remapping, however, ultimately, does not make you more dangerous. It gives you the chance to do more sooner, but it does not make you more deadly. Some skills cannot be trained via injection and brain massage. Let's list a few off.

1) How to approach a bigger vessel in a frigate, and then kill it.
2) How to survive attacking a larger vessel than yourself
3) How to fit your ship
4) How to avoid gatecamps
5) How to bait
6) How to track targets, scout for a fleet
7) How to determine which ship is the bigger threat
8) How to pick your engagements
9) How to avoid bubbles
10) Staying unprobeable via safes
11) How to be an effective FC

The list goes on. Clearly, there's much a person can train but cannot make use of without the real experience. "Oh, but anyone can learn these!" Yes, but first you have to know that you need to learn about them. First you have to have the desire. First you need see combat as something other than, "I put out X damage versus yours, and I have Y hitpoints versus yours, so I kill you 1.5 seconds before you kill me, so I win." (Obviously that last is almost never true for anyone who's done real PvP)

And how is skill training any different? Anyone can train anything to max sooner than someone else. I can max out my gunnery long before my buddy of an equal age simply because I've stuck with it while he wanted to try some research and invention. Shouldn't we have the same skill levels? No, that's absurd. So what's the difference? In the end, resolve decides what skills you have, and style of course, and the remap to train faster is just a nice little bonus that makes life much easier, simpler, less frustrating. It'd leave me, and no doubt many others, feeling less like retards because we no longer need to suffer under the yoke of bad remaps.

I'm all for PLEX for remaps, and if I have to do some shady things out in pirate space or trade human lives and illegal implants to get to it, I'd do that too. I've already missed out on 1.2 million skillpoints due to a bad map, how much more must I suffer?

I'll probably be 2 million short by the time my next remap comes round, and it pisses me off. Some people would ragequit you know, and if it were you, I bet you'd be just as impotently furious as I am about it.

Addendum : I do understand that Real Money Trading is a serious problem, however, it's probably safe to say that powergamers and real money traders aren't likely to mess up neural maps like mine very often, and to implements this new remap feature, it would probably be best to force in game items with ZERO real money exchanged, and make them rare items at that.

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