Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prowling Lo-sec

Since the move out, I've come to find that the old standby's, namely missions and mining, have gone out the window for me. I can't BEAR the thought of doing either again, because, well...I want my fix dammit.

Since the wormhole I've become a combat junkie. And while I fully admit this deepening spiral into steaming organs pulping out into empty space and a continual drain on my wallet (with probably very little in the way of influx to that same wallet), I can't bring myself to run missions right now, or suck dirt.

So for the last few days I've been out running around Lo-Sec, trying to get some kills, some combat even. Hell, me being blown up was more appetizing than spinning ships, which was slightly more appetizing than missions or mining. Unfortunately, the only person I managed to find in a killable position was a salvage catalyst out to salvage a Hulk wreck. Everyone one else was either sitting on a gate, in a station, or in a tower. Those that were sitting on a gate were in HACs or drakes. Sure, there was the one rifter, but again, why the hell attack anyone sitting on the gate? If they get in real trouble they just jump and let the gate guns finish you off.

So, I was, and am, quite bored now.

Today on my lo-sec prowl I got so bored I jumped into a NULL sec system, despite a spotter on the gate which I knew would alert the denizens, likely gate camping, on the other side. And indeed a gate camp it was.

It was here reason abandoned me. I'm old enough to combat to love it, but so new that I still panic a bit sometimes. Here, I was being a bit panicky, and warped out to another stargate. Lo and Behold! An interdictor and a Rupture waiting for me! I try to escape, fail miserably, get smashed by said Rupture, a Dramiel, and some other ships which I didn't really bother to pay attention to once I was dead in the water. I was subsequently podded, as you can guess.

On the bright side, I got my adrenaline fix. On the downside I got blown up and didn't kill anyone.

Did I mention my corp was looking for a Null sec area to go to? I have no idea if we're ready or not mentally, but I'd say combat wise, "probably not?" We're a bit of a mismash timezone wise, play time wise, and skill wise, though I'd say most of us have decent mining or industrial skills, and while those are great for a wormhole, Null is definitely more combat oriented. I'm pretty sure we need alot more combat orienting as a corp.

And this is where I actually think Faction War would do us better than Null. Don't get me wrong, the idea of constant war out in Null thrills me, as well as getting to do the Incursion bit. HOWEVER, I'm pretty certain that Faction War will help us out in a number ways better than Null.

1) We get some experience in running with fleets not comprised solely of, say, us.
2) We get to kill regularly, either as part of fleet blobs with assigned rolls, or small hunting squads, again with assigned roles, or solo, also, with the assigned role of "bastard that podded you"
3) If/when we run out of cash, it's no biggie to run back to hi sec and do some missioning/mining to recoup that money. Personally I would like being a bounty hunter more, but probably that won't be likely in the case that I'm out of cash.
4) We don't have to be told "man, your killboard sucks, WE REJECT YOUR APPLICATION!" followed by a big read rubber stamp imprinting "CAREBEAR" all over our foreheads.

Until we join Faction War however, there isn't a great deal for me going on. It's probably all good and well, given that I have two tests this week coming along. I can barely bring myself to study for them though. Bollocks!

I did test something out. Granted, alot of people probably figured this out before I did, but 1v1 Rifter (tech 2 fitted, of course), fit 1 out does fit 2

fit 1: 
hi = 3 150 t2 + 1 small neut II
med = ab + scramble + med shield ext II
low = micro aux power + nano 2  + damage control II

fit 2: 
high = are the same, except the neut is a rocket launcher
med = web ab scram
low = sm armor rep II + damage control 2 + 200mm plate

You don't find that on battleclinic far as I'm aware, and maybe because it's likely only good against frigates. I think everything else would eat this alive with drones or guns or whatever. could still make a half decent tackler, but yup i'm pretty sure it's just a frigate killer. So why not use a destroyer? Speed, cheapness, those things.

Somebody shoot someone! Please!!

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