Saturday, November 10, 2012

Griefing a griefer

Entry: nine hundred forty-one.
Four days ago, full evacuation of G5ED-Y began. Me being me, I didn't realize it until the day after, and I decided that I would try to move ships while roaming with them.
My first attempt was to save a Ferox. It's not exactly earth shattering, but I've been trying to fit long-point plus web on them because of the speed issue for the Ferox when trying to take down other battlecruisers. Unfortunately, I ran into a gatecamp of approximately eight pilots. Some of them aggressed me before I jumped back through the gate, and for a minute, I was alone with a Stiletto on the way back to G5ED-. When I reapproached the gate again, the Stiletto came in close, and I got the web and started shooting null.
He got away with something like twenty percent structure remaining. A cynabal had jumped through whilst I plinked at the ceptor and pointed me, followed shortly by the Machariel. Combined, they took out the Ferox fairly quickly.
Some time later, I arrived back in G5ED-. As I undocked in my armor cane, I tried to catch a hostile Thrasher running around ganking cynos, but was unsuccessful. So I warped to Y5J- and jumped. A goon Vagabond was waiting for me.
Let me tell you: Vagabond's don't solo or get amazingly aggressive and brawly without an extra large ASB on board. I had a feeling that this was the case, but with the second hostile in local, I was worried about a Falcon. Either way, I felt like I should take the chance.
I reapproached gate, MWD on. The goon burned for me, and in short order it became abundantly clear that she was going for the hard tackle. Without further ado and thoughts of Falcon vanishing, I changed direction to land my own hard tackle.
Scram. Web. Nos Nos. Keep MWD on, ECM 600's still in bay, perfect, let's whale away.
He aligned out, probably thinking that based on his sheer base speed he could get away. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't packin a scram, so I could MWD at him all day, literally sit on him at zero, and pound away.
Unfortunately for me, the only ammunition I had was Republic Fleet EMP, versus a ship heavily tanked against EM damage and with an Ancillary Shield Booster, and as I was later to find out, a Blue Pill to boot. Due to this, we ended up slugging it out for well over a minute and a half.
In the end, I came out victorious, with twenty-three percent armor still intact.
And all it took was a triple trimarked, sixteen hundred plate armor cane with hard tackle. Sixty million ISK crushes the seemingly overpowered one hundred eighty-four million ISK ship, with the worst possible ammunition type at that.
I have to admit, I felt like a badass for the rest of day having soloed a Vagabond after baiting her into coming close to prevent my escape.
Computer: terminate recording

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