Friday, October 12, 2012

Another twelve days in NCdot

Entry: nine hundred ten.
My how the time flies.
Life for me in NCdot has recently been of the possibly addicting type, but not addicting. What I mean to say is, intermittent reinforcement via fights, but a lack of desire on my part, due to other circumstances, to participate in more than the CTAs that get called.
I think this has in part been due to the rash of daily CTAs. I'm not a stranger to it, but I'm not sure it's what I'm in for anymore, especially with my lack of desire to do much of anything. I suppose the true test will be once I get the urge back to do the small gang and solo stuff. In general, there's been a lack of desire to do much though, either or in space or not. I'll probably come out of the slump sooner rather than later, just no telling on the exact date.
I have been seeing roams go out quite often while I am available. I haven't actively joined them for the reasons stated previously, but they are there and plentiful. So NCdot does have more to offer than blob combat and structure taking 'strat-ops'. The feeling I get from the community is that they enjoy both the large and the small combat, so long as it's combat, but a rash of CTAs being negatively discouraging ("read: no fights for a structure bash") has had a slow burn effect on CTA numbers. It's to be expected honestly. After a certain point where numbers are something CFC is willing to take on, the negative/positive reinforcement comes along ("read: fights for a structure bash, whelp or win"), and activity see-saws in this fashion. Keep in mind that when I say community, I mean the following entities: NCdot, Black Legion, Nulli, IRC, etc, not in order of importance, and likely several entities I am unaware of are unlisted as well.
Aside from this, there isn't much to say. Daily CTAs, usually a Zealot or Ishtar doctrine for which I fly the Oneiros either way, or a quick Naga/Naga bash fleet for which I pilot the Tornado. My apparent scrubbiness showed once, however, when "sailboats" were called for and  I had no clue what the hell those were. I "guessed" that they either meant Tornados or Tempests, and not having my Tempest on hand, brought a Tornado. The fleet ended up not going out for round two after all, having been called after a Ishtar fleet whelp of sorts.

I say whelp, and that is honestly how it felt me for despite the killboards calling my 'whelps' wins. It was impossible more often than not to catch reps on a target going down, for any number of reasons. It's only after the fight that I see my fleet 'won'; it just doesn't feel like a win on my end.
With that, let's wait and see what the next few weeks bring. The month long trial only has that much longer to go.
Computer: terminate recording.



    I know your on trial basis, but do you have any opinion of this? 800 bisk borrowed then returned, nc. drama with diplomatic leadership???


  2. I don't have any inside scoop, but I honestly think it matters very little. NCdot hasn't fallen apart (yet), so as of right now, not many people care about it, true or not.

    Did he take all the money? Chances are he took everything except the high end of what it takes to pay reimbursements for a month, and as long as reimbursements are paid, people aren't too concerned. It comes down to the following:

    Are you going to leave your corp because of corruption in the alliance or coalition? If so, where do you expect to find something different?

    It's a similar argument in RL. If you live in America, are you going to emigrate because of the obvious corruption in corporate culture or government culture? If so, what country would you move where you would expect to find something different. As bad as the corruption may or may not be in America, you still see people fleeing from other countries in droves to come to America or other 1st world nations.

    Ultimately, you can't get away from it, and in most cases have absolutely no power to do anything about it. What you can decide is what is best for you and your group of friends and family, and that's about it. You just learn to make do.