Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Lesson that Needed Learning

Yesterday Anjali decided to make her move into low-sec, more specifically, Ami then Daran. Hopping into her Punisher, she warped to the Ami gate and jumped in without delay.

On the other side, she found a gatecamp, which consisted of largely tech 2 cruisers and tech 1 battleships of varying races. She held cloak for a short minute, making sure there were no interceptors around, and deciding what to do before making her move.

She initiated warp to Daran, and was warp disrupted before she could manage to make warp. No chance of warping away, she attempted a gatecrash, and failed to make that as well. As her ship crumpled, she started spamming "warp to station" commands knowing she would soon be defenseless in her pod.

Total time elapsed: 10 seconds.

After warping to the station, she warped back to the gate she had entered from and jumped back into high security space. All of her ships were there after all. She'd be needing to be able to fly them before settling down in low-sec. She logged off after that to cool her jets and give it another try another time. There's going to be a window for her eventually right?

Lessons learned? 
1) Check system information for gateway systems into low-sec to determine if you stand a decent chance of avoiding gatecamps. This can be done via CONCORD provided info or via DOTLAN.
2) Gate crash first, reattempt low-sec entry at another time. In this case, it likely would have saved her Punisher, which was MWD fit, because AB Punishers are just too slow to be of real use.

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