Sunday, September 16, 2012

The State of Things

Entry: ...who the hell knows. I'll figure it out next time.
I think my lack of updating has shown how little there really was to take note of in the last two months. The Southern Coalition is still stuck in 4-07, whether by design, resistance, or apathy, I don't know. Either way, SoCo is currently failing in its grand mission to push back the TEST incursion and reclaim space.
I don't really question why Init Mercs, Raiden, and Initiative took up with the HBC, ie the Honeybadger coalition. Grind and whelp with triple A for no gain, or move on for new opportunities. In the same position, I honestly probably would have made a similar choice.
FAIL has returned to Detorid. I feel this is in part the lack of progress repelling the HBC, and also in part to deal with neighbors to the north harassing our renters. I only recently came back from a two month hiatus and discovered this.
I'll be honest though: alliance activity is down across the board as far as I can tell. Combat ready numbers seemed to have dropped to about 50 strong at any one time, as opposed to 70 before that, and 90 before that, and 140 before that. FAIL doesn't seem to be failscading so much as slowly withering. I'm hoping that will change, but hope seems dim given the pattern of things.
In those two months, the small gang combat seems to have disappeared in the area. Maybe it's just my atrophied skills, but I'm definitely having a harder time getting a fight, even in station systems where I can buzz around for an hour in a battlecruiser before getting people to even just outright murder me. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, and I don't know what that is yet, but something else seems off about the activity levels.
And that's really everything there is to say about anything.
Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Try killing their ratters, disrupting mining opps, probing out their plexs etc....

    Hit them where they get their ISK comes from and you will get a massive response!

    (Just don't fight at 0KM on a station or you might have a suprise Vindicator undock on you!)

  2. Everyone is probably off milking the FW system while it's still possible. At least I don't seem to have too much trouble finding engangements there (and mostly losing them for various reasons). Good to see you're still around though, I kinda thought your blog had gone dark.

  3. I failed to mention this before, but I dislike raiding unthinkable space. They don't do anything without overwhelming numbers or a CTA. The smallest gang I've ever seen from them was when i lost my last hurricane. they brought 2 falcons, a scimi, and 3 canes, all for my one, and I didn't even find any ratters :(