Thursday, July 12, 2012

Away for a week or two

I'll be away from the blogging scene for a week or two. I'm moving to start a new job, and the new job actually starts a few days before I can get into an apartment with internet, utilities, and the like. The entire process will take about a week just to get into the apartment, maybe another week to get my schedule worked out and some refresher learning in to help me out with work.

Not that much has been going on in null-sec anyways, and I've been unable to log in for days just because of all the last minute stuff that always comes up when you move. From the looks of the mails though, Delve is pretty much a done deal and Catch is about to become the trenches.

Everyone fighting for the South, good luck, stay strong, get some inspiration from Captain Picard. Everyone fighting for the North...well I don't really have anything to say. I'm sure you wouldn't take it seriously anyways.
Everyone else, easy kills are the supply chains from Fountain to Delve/Querious. You could really rack up the muppet kills. You could also get pounded into dust if you aren't careful. I'm sure you guys already knew all this though.

It'll be interesting to see the map when I come back.

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