Monday, July 2, 2012

Back To Delve

Entry: nine hundred eight.
That out-of-pod line I was talking about in my previous public entry: it came through. I've got to admit to being excited about it. I've been rather busy dealing with the particulars, but I've still found some time to be embroiled in the Delve war.
Yesterday on evenews24 I came across a TEST State of the Alliance recording. How much is truth, propoganda, and outright lies I will likely never know. I am not what anyone would call a power player, and in politics, things get kept close to the inner circle that rules the galaxy. Still there are parts that feel more honest than others, and parts that feel more like lies mixed with propoganda. Overall, I think the main thrust of the recording are accurate enough, along with the reasons for attempting to leave Goons out of the war and why it escalated: it's the stuff on the side that strikes me as misleading. I'll leave it to you to decide. You can skip the last half of the recording if you just want the gist of the situation.
If you were paying any attention to the alliance tournament broadcast yesterday, you may also have noticed a sudden livefeed of a large battle in 0-H in Delve, just a few jumps away from Querious. CFC/PL forces were taking the station with supers and apparently a large number of Drakes. SOCO forces had a bomber fleet, a sniper tier three battlecruiser fleet. The conflict eventually took place at the PUIG gate, stringing out towards the star. There's not too much to say about it. SOCO killed an absurd amount of Drakes between the bombs and sniper battlecruisers, but there were simply too many enemies to prevent the station from being taken.
Aside from those major events, it's been huge fleets rolling around on both sides. Lots of kills and lots of fun to be had for sure, simply because everyone is in the same area. It's an exciting time to be in null-sec.
Computer: terminate recording.

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