Monday, September 17, 2012

As is always the case

Entry: ....ah hell...
As is always case, as soon as I speak up, things change. The previous entry about fifty tops suddenly turned in nearly one hundred pilots on a CTA last night. Certainly not all FAIL, but I think eighty or so was FAIL.
We pretty much beat Unthinkables into the ground. Read it and weep.
For those unwilling to look at the damage, that's twelve dead tengus in exchange for dead tackle and couple battleships. True, they killed more ships. Also true, they lost seven point eight billion ISK in exchange for two point five, and skillpoints on top of it. One unlucky Unthinkable lost two tengus, and thus lost skillpoint twice.
I admit, I get a little giggle out of that. It's too bad for them they don't have reimbursement and we do.

As for how the fight went down, we fought on a stargate, and they kept range at eighty plus kilometers. We had a grand total of three guardians and three oneiros, ie six logistics, for ninety-five percent of the two fights that make up this battlereport.  I'm pretty sure they had more logistics.
Computer: terminate recording.

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