Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Splits are hard

Entry: I swear I'll start dating these again, but I'm lazy...
A couple days ago, I started up a corp fleet at the request of the CEO. I ended up getting three other corp members to come with me: two were frigate, our only tackle, and myself and Jebac were the two DPS. I decided to avoid Unthinkables this time, my experience being double falconed still rubbing a bit raw on my last loss, and headed for a system owned by some group called Paganism alliance.
After getting into system and failing to locate any of their ratters, we managed to stir up a small fleet to come after us. I coordinated my group until I finally decided to engage on a stargate.
A Hurricane landed first, I called him primary. I figured that between my Brutix and Jbac's Harbinger, he'd go down pretty fast. A Crow landed soon after and was dispatched by my own frigates. The first Hurricane fell, and Jebac and I started on the second, but unfortunately weren't going to be able to take it out in time. I ordered the frigates home, Jebac and I losing our battlecruisers and escaping in our pods.
I actually feel pretty good about that fight. Sure, I lost half the fleet, indeed all the raw damage potential of it. However, we were sorely outmatched, fighting two to one and still managing to draw even in terms of kill/death ratio, and actually almost even on ISK in that fight. I do think I messed up a bit though, when I dropped by EC-600's on the primary and not the secondary. I have a feeling Jebac dropped his drones on the primary, so we took far more damage that we should have.
I do still need to learn how to split up an enemy group though. I wasn't very good at it all, which is why so many of the enemy landed on us so quickly. I doubt I'll be able to practice short of actual combat though, so I'll just need to tough it out.
Computer: terminate recording.

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