Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Different Sort of Update

Entry: eight hundred fifty-five.

It's been two weeks since I last able to put out a log. It was a stressful time, these last two months, but with those commitments largely having been met, I have more time to focus on the things and activities I love. My time isn't yet fully my own, but it's a massive difference from before.
So let's start with the first topic: Alliance.
The last deployment, which Cascade came off of as of yesterday, was a monumental failure. The failure wasn't due to the kill death ratio, or the ever perceived ISK war, or even territory conquered and lost. It was a combination of other variables that together made the entire endeavor a failure.
The first factor was Raiden falling apart just as we deployed. The fights that we had been hoping we'd get, good or bad, never manifested because the power block in area vanished. The second factor was that no one was clear on what we were doing up there after Raiden dissolved. As it turned out, we were supposed to be helping Brick Squad against Pinked and The Jagged Alliance, but neither of those panned out either. In part, because Brick didn't really seem to want or need us around, and also in part because Pinked couldn't and wouldn't put up a fight and The Jagged Alliance vacated the area.
The confluence of those events, combined with the alliance essentially half deploying, and a lack of resolve among alliance members to lead fleets, resulted in a mostly dead period in the alliance, where not much happened, and when it did happen, few if any fights were to be had. So, as of yesterday, the alliance officially ended the deployment.
That same day, I also found out that the alliance head's corporation, FODE, will be merging into UDEAD. This is seen as good thing by some, a bad thing by others. In terms of the bad, some feel we are locked into Cascade until it collapses now that this has happened. In terms of the good, this will make the ties between us and FODE stronger while giving the corp some much needed clout with alliance level FC's.
The alliance head, Archie, will not be joining UDEAD, although he was originally planning to. Budja made a strong argument that it would be horrible for alliance politics, as it would show clear favoritism for UDEAD as opposed to other corps, such as NASGU, who dislike UDEAD but have been trying to secure a leadership position in the alliance. My thought is that NASGU dislikes UDEAD because we hold a leadership position, not just in the politics, but also on the killboards.

Moving on to the second topic: Corporate.

As mentioned before, FODE is merging with UDEAD. However, there are always some people who, when their corp mergers into another, choose to go a different route. I've heard that one member, an alliance level FC at that, has chosen to move in with NCdot if possible. I can't say how many others may follow in his wake, or if some will go to other corps or even other alliances, but the feeling is that FODE will almost entirely merge with us.

There is one of them, however, that I've been told not to accept into corp. He is an alliance level FC, but I find it strange how there's so much dislike for him within the original members of my corp, even among the leadership in my corp. I feel a bit bad for him, someone who gave his all to the alliance and essentially no longer having a place with those that were in his corp. I imagine, however, that he made his own fate on that: people don't generally dislike a person to such an extent as to refuse entry unless there were serious issues. 

Also in the corp, we have a new recruit, and by new I mean as green as they come. He has some fifty-nine million skillpoints, but up until now, he's lived a rather sheltered life in null-sec. He was once a Red Alliance renter, and I admit some initial distrust as I thought maybe he was angling to simply evacuate assets from PQRE-, one of our newly acquired systems in Detorid. I was eventually convinced to give him a shot in the corp.
Since his rather recent acceptance into the corp, he's made good progress. Although he's lost some rather expensive stuff in the learning, he has done his best with what he knew to meet the expectations told to him. He literally knew nothing about combat, or how the value of his ship can hurt or help the killboards. With the training he's received so far, he's learned much and has stopped flying those expensive pirate ships around. He doesn't yet have any kills, and actually is five losses in already, but I'm hearing some praise about him in the corp, so I think things are going to go well for him. I would really love to get him on some killmails though, to boost his confidence and his desire to participate and be a part of us. If he continues to lose ships and maintain a zero success rate, he may feel as though he will never be good, and may decide to give up, something I never want to see a new combat pilot do early in his career.
With those main topics covered, and very little having happened otherwise in alliance or corp, I'm going to close out this log and hope that people found it interesting. This log was meant to be a deviation from the norm, something I hope to repeat in the future as well. If there are suggestions as to how I could improve it, I will be more than receptive.
Computer: terminate recording.

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