Thursday, April 26, 2012

AAR 4/26/2012

Entry: eight hundred forty-one.
Initially attempted to take out a frigate roam, but as the people who joined didn't actually have frigates, I was forced to upscale the roam to three Tornados, my Huginn, and three interceptors. Had N scout for the group in his Stiletto.
Huginn: Me
Tornado: Seer, Jacob, Drako
Interceptor: Oprah, Nilithan, Gerrr
First destination was BWF-. Didn't encounter much, so kept burning the long way toward AD-. As we sat on the L-H gate in WH-, a neutral gang of Drakes and Tengus with Scimi support landed on us. I froze trying to decide whether to warp or jump, Seer called jump. I'm happy he did. We bounced around in L-H for about ten minutes before the neutral gang left the area. We continued towards AD-.
The Tornados and I held up in UBX- on the AD- gate while the ceptors tried to find something to shoot. N eventually found two Vagabonds and a Stabber Fleet Issue a little over one hundred twenty kilometers off the Eugrana gate. I asked N to try to get them to come to UBX. That failed, but they did land one hundred off the UBX- gate. I asked G to get a warp around on them. N says G burned directly for them and that that was why he died.
Frustrated, I called fleet jump and warp Eugrana. We landed in drag bubbles seventy behind the gate, the enemy gang above the gate some two hundred kilometers. We approached gate after N's failed attempt to get a tackle and long point on the SFI. Eventually they came back at one hundred, and I asked N to get a warp around. At one hundred forty he called point, but was too close for warp. I told N to keep burning, and eventually managed to land on field with him. N died a second or two after I landed and put double webs on the SFI. The SFI took one volley from a Tornado and then warped off: apparently there were no points on it. I don't recall what O was doing in the final remaining ceptor.
The enemy gang warped off yet again. Reduced to one ship with a point, I called the fleet to burn home via EOA-. We lost a Stiletto and Malediction, killed nothing. It could have gone worse, it could have gone better. I need to teach how to secure tackles and how to scout for those unfamiliar with both, but I haven't the time right now. Maybe in the near future.
After the fleet, had a discussion with Seer, who is an FC, and he gave me some really good advice which I plan to put to use in future fleets. Hopefully my next fleet, more people will have frigates, as I plan to take out more frigate fleets when possible. I don't yet feel confident taking out gangs bigger than that simply because of my success rate.
Computer: terminate entry.

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