Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Vacation Near Complete

Entry: eight hundred twenty-seven.

It's hard to believe I've been pretty inactive for so long. It has nothing to do with the lack of desire; I still want to be active. I just can't. Too many other variables are in play right now. Thankfully, that should mostly disappear by the middle of the next month.

The alliance's vacation will be wrapping up soon. For this month, everyone has been heavily vested in claiming bounties via cleaning up the Angel presence in Detorid, as well as setting up alliance and corporate infrastructure. In the meantime, I've done little except set up a single Electrolyte extraction compound on a planet in 0-G to help supply the corporation with fuel for the mobile starbases.

Although my alliance doesn't mind mindlessly attacking the Angel alliance, I find myself extremely unwilling due to the time versus reward value of the task. I find myself even unwilling to fight off the Incursion in Detorid. That said, some poor schmuck got scrammed by the Sansha on his way to an Incursion site, never mentioned it to the FC when he fleet warped the group off a stargate, the pilot lost his Tengu in the debacle. That brought a small smile to my face.

Since I've been so reluctant to destroy Sansha or Angel forces, I've found other ways of making ISK, and am still considering others. One of the ways I made ISK, a pure rip from Poetic Stanziel, was to make pounce-bookmarks for every stargate in Detorid, and then sell those to my alliance. I've only sold six copies, each at one hundred million ISK, but it's good money while still providing something worthwhile to the alliance. I don't have remorse for anyone who dies on a stargate because he didn't have a pounce point to check it out first.

The only issue with that is simply the ISK generation. It doesn't look like it will pick up after this initial six hundred million, and I'm not going to lower my price considering how many Angel officers and DED ten of ten complexes are in the area, nevermind the twenty percent markup on all good imported from high-sec. I've heard a story about someone who rented a bunch of moons while we were in Querious and made a killing. I think I may find myself doing that for some ISK, probably starting out at one tower and eventually moving into more, depending on how much ISK I'm looking to make every month versus how much time I have to put into managing the towers every month.
I've also done some recruiting. Even without an advert, we've taken in some new members. I'm always surprised when pilots come to us, as opposed to another corporation. Usually the applicants check out, sometimes they don't though and get turned away.  It does make me wonder how my recruiting workload will increase once I finally do get an advert up.
As for my corporation, most of the members have been raking in the ISK, hand over fist, buying up fleet fitted ships to go on deployment with. I suspect our next deployment won't actually be a deployment, such that we will stay in Detorid and clean up the random bits of rotting infrastructure left behind by various alliances over the years. After that, my guess is that we will deploy north to harass IRC or NCdot. At present I'm unclear if we'll deploy from friendly space, or pirate alliance space such as Curse or the Great Wildlands.
It doesn't feel like there are many entities out there to fight anymore. Goons, Brick, IRC, TEST, PL, Raiden, and NCdot are the only real entities I can see as targets, but among those, the only I can see as a viable target for an alliance fighting on its own would be IRC, especially since Brick and Cascade are still somewhat friendly to each other.
Things will get interesting again once this vacation wraps up, that's for sure.
Computer: terminate recording.

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