Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Status Update

Entry: eight hundred thirty-nine.

It's been somewhat interesting these last few days how many in my alliance are willing to go criminal in the name of combat.
Since the alliance restaged from Detorid to Maila for the deployment, members have been trickling up here in ones and twos. The new favorite pasttime of the alliance, if the killboards are any indication, is killing cyno frigates. What surprises me about this is that null-sec is a mere three jumps from Maila, and how it seems that FCs are unwilling to lead roams out that way.


I wish I had more time to actually help my corp on the killboards. I thought last month was bad with me being under a hundred, but it looks like I may not even crest thirty this month. To say I am disappointed in myself would be an understatement. If only I hadn't procrastinated at all in my non-spaceship life, I wouldn't have this issue. To say I am not experiencing some withdrawals, that would be an outright lie. Thankfully, it's all soon to be finished with. In a little under a month I won't have to worry about choosing: the spaceships will the be only life competing for my free time. 
Recruiting has been slow. I've been fully introduced to the reality at this point that getting even a single new recruit is quite difficult, and then keeping that new recruit may not work out either. I had an example of such a recruit the other day. I won out for recruiting him, got him into the corp after a few hours, and then before twenty-four hours had passed, he'd left corp. That's a shame on multiple fronts. I think he would have made a fine addition to the corp, but apparently he felt completely inadequate because of his inability to pilot anything larger than a frigate.
I'll admit it. I like to catch them young. They take the most work, but are usually the easiest to keep around.  Recruiting the more experienced and older pilots is much more difficult, in part because they may have requirements we can't meet, but also because with experience comes a certain amount of arrogance, almost all of it undue. I find dealing with these people...not realistic. For the rest, it's simply that there are so many groups competing for the same person that it's like playing roulette.
Win some lose some, I suppose.
I plan to take out more roams soon, in the bits of spare time that I will have. Hopefully more after action reports and battlereports will be forthcoming to spice up the content on this transmission. I intend to do AARs on every roam I take out, but also instead to give the battlereports in the form of playbacks for fights that are particularly interesting or exciting.

Computer: terminate recording.

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