Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Finding an Inferno Module

Entry: eight hundred sixty-eight.

Warning to all who partake of this entry: there is zero combat and zero political content in this entry. It is strictly me against the universe.

The other day, I dropped almost a billion ISK on CTA ships. I know that nine hundred million ISK in the wallet isn't insubstantial, but when you've gotten used to seeing something in the area of two billion for several months, it eggs at you.

So I decided I needed to make some ISK. My long period of not needing to make ISK has come to a temporary close.

For as large as Detorid is, you'd be surprised how concentrated the activity is in a few systems. Just goes to show how many people will put up with the repetitive action of beating back the pirate factions in an activity they call ratting, or how many people will mine. Those are the easy options. Dull. Robotic. But they pay well.
I can't stand either, so I do this thing called exploration. I scan hidden sites down that don't crop up on the onboard scanner and start excavating. Up till now, I've always preferred a particular variant, the type that was Magnetometric and of "Pristine" value, mainly because pirate factions like to store intact armor plates there, each valued at roughly thirty million a pop. Those sorts of sites tend to round out at one hundred twenty million bare minimum, or as much as three hundred sixty million.
Two days ago, I found two magnetometrics, but neither of pristine value. I excavated them quickly by myself in an Ishkur, and came away with just a touch over two hundred million ISK in tech two and tech one salvage. Total time spent, between scanning and excavating was about three hours. That puts my income at roughly sixty six million per hour the other day.
Yesterday, I couldn't find any magnetometrics, but I did find three radars. Previous experience told me it wasn't worth the effort, but I wanted to see how things may have changed from before. After spending about one and half hours scanning them out, as well as checking out a few wormholes I had found, I got my Ishkur and got to work on the first radar, an Angel Sparkng Transmitter.
I spent well over an hour and a half kiting the mass of Angels with my afterburner Ishkur, killing them slowly with Warriors and Valkyries. I finally got inside of a few databanks, but triggered an emergency response from the mainframe that spewed out a few battleships that were too tough for my drones. I went back home to get a Drake, and returned only to find the Angels had hidden everything. Even the battleships were gone.
ISK made from that endeavor comes out to chump change. I could maybe fit up a tech one frigate with a tech two fit.
Having learned from that experience, I took the Drake to the next radar on my list. I only had kinetic missiles at the time, and soon found out that I didn't have enough power to crunch through battleship shields again. I left, and returned with a bay full of explosive missiles and warriors. I learned here that I need explosive missiles in concert with at least four warrior drones to break a battleship tank. The Angel battleships will stabilize if I use even one less drone.
Eventually, I destroyed all the Angel defenses and started hacking electronic defenses with the codebreaker. It was here I got two interesting bits of data. First, a twenty five run bpc for an X-Large Inferno Shield Booster. This new type of module apparently take cap booster charges as ammunition in addition to being able to use capacitor. This module uses up double the capacitor of a normal X-Large shield booster, but also repairs twice as much shields. It does have a slightly more intensive fitting requirement: Sard Caid may need to drop his rocket launcher to use this on his Blue Pill Cyclones.
I also picked up a Cryptic Ship Data Interface. According to the contract market, it's valued at around three million ISK. Additional loot consisted of chump change. Maybe another two tech two fit tech one frigates.
ISK made from that endeavor comes out in a range of eight hundred million ISK on the low end to one point one billion on the high end, if I can get it to market.
My final site was a replica of the previous, an Angel Survey Site. I destroyed the Angels much more quickly this time, understanding what to expect and what to do. Loot, however, was inconsequential. Essentially, the chump change of the three sites combined might afford me a new tech two fit battlecruiser.
Despite having made this much ISK, it's not reflected in my wallet, and with an old friend in the corp pressuring me to make boosters, as well as my recent trend into battlecruisers from frigates, things are going to be more expensive. I probably still need to make some more ISK. That said, given the time spent and the potential low-end ISK I've come out with, my pay comes to something two hundred million ISK per hour.
I wonder what other interesting things I might find out in the unused parts of Detorid...

Computer: terminate recording.


  1. With Radar/Magnometric locations, as soon as anyone interacts with the site (shoot/scan) and leaves - it gets packed up.

    If you have a prober friend there with you. The prober can remain on grid cloaked and site will remain as it is.

  2. I killed off a good number of the pirates, warped out, came back repeat, came back repeat, was only after I hacked a can that it began despawning.

    Same thing has happened in other Radars: I can kill some x amount of rats, warp off, hell, even be gone for 10 minutes, come back and resume. It's only after I hack a container that it will despawn if I leave again.

    I don't yet know for sure if this is the exact case for Magnetometrics, but I suspect it is.

    Nah I don't have a prober friend lol. I scan it then run it. No alts for me either! Just True.

  3. Been over a year since I was doing exploration so I most likely not remembering the shooting part (maybe that was changed at some point?). I used to do them with a friend, he'd shoot and I'd probe while we chatted on comms. Made things more fun, plus we started our exploration team before probing got "easy". That is how we found that if someone stayed on grid the site remained.

    At least you know now. I know it sucked when we made a rare discovery only to lose it because we left for better ships

  4. So, if you aren't doing exploration anymore, what are you doing for ISK? :D