Sunday, May 20, 2012

R.I.P. Frankie Four Fingers

Entry: eight hundred sixty-five.

Rest In Peace, brave Hurricane Frankie Four Fingers. 

I found this poor whelp cane put up on public contract in Detorid, waiting for someone to make good use of him. After picking him up on contracts, I refit him for some heavier brawling work. We managed to get a Raiden Vagabond before his final action in Exhale's home system. 

To say that he was worth his weight in gold is to grossly understate his value. With his dying wisps on energy, he and I held fast to an Exhale legion, ammo all but spent, pouring his very essence through his neutralizers into the remaining Niddhoggor, seemingly filled with an endless supply of capacitor. In the end, he gave his life in a final blaze of glory, taking down over twenty billion ISK worth of enemy ships with him.

You will be missed Frankie, but never forgotten.

Computer, append battlereport and terminate recording.


Date: 20-May-2012
Time : 18:30 - 21:00
FC: Poision Kevin
SFC: not named
Fleet Size:  about 40 people in fleet, 4 scimis, 25+ whelpcanes, tackle
Objective:   Roam

Operational Summary: 
We started out heading towards DR-427 to pay an alliance called "No Value" a visit (they visited us before, so we wanted to return the favour). Didn't catch them ratting, and went towards Omist. We caught a Drake:

We got word about couple of Legions camping a Wormhole in L-L (cyno jamed, dead end, ...), and went to 0-g and rallied on the jumpbridge to L-L. Jaq draco's warped a dread to that wormhole to bait them, and we heard a jump command (DO NOT SAY THE WORD JUMP ANY TIME ON COMMS, JUST DO NOT SAY IT, NOT EVEN IF IT IS INTEL - use >they are going through/they are leaving< or similar -,  thanks... ). So we did spring the trap early, and went to the wormhole, managed to pop a loki:

They jumped a Thanatos through, and then back and we got the command to go with them.
We obviously collapsed the Wormhole while doing that, and we got about 3/4 of our fleet through. We ended up having 30 people on the inside, including 4 scimitars, and the wormhole god spawned a lot on us (lol). It was a long fight, lots of target switching, lots of warp-ins, but we managed to definitely win the fight. See battle-report:

Their carriers triaged and repaired a lot. We killed almost all their carriers, except for one, that we couldn't break at the end. We also killed lots of their sub caps. We ran out of ammo and capacitor in the end, and started losing hurricanes because they re-shipped into legions and fitted for direct counter.

TKCANGEL, our hero, has probes, and he managed to get us out of that Wormhole into another C5, which lead into another C5. At this very moment we are still stuck with a lot of loot in our cargoholds. The loot logs were saved and Poision Kevin will be receiving all the loot and handling possible reimbursements.

The Good: Lots of kill s, lots of fun. 

The Bad: Confusion at the beginning when entering L-L, mainly caused by somebody saying Jump while giving INTEL.

Pilots worthy of commendation or note: Poision Kevin for good fc-ing, jaq draco's for giving us intel, all our scimi pilots that were doing a fucking great job.


  1. Daaammn looks like an awesome fight.

  2. I had to re-read this after our convo the other night to put things in perspective. Grand conflict, man! Too bad wasnt fraps'd, would make an awesome little trailer I bet =P